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Barter with Bart. New Concept for Getting Stuff for Free in Spain

Bartering is the age-old practice of swapping or trading a skill or item you have with someone else for something you want or need. Pete Clarke has brought this concept into the 21st Century with a clever website www.barterwithbart.com. This takes the concept of bartering in Spain to the next level and enables people to exchange their skills and time for things they really need.

Pete identified that the main problem with the traditional barter was finding someone who both wanted what you were offering and had something you needed. For this reason, he has established a currency called Barts which you can earn for providing your service to someone and then “spend” with another person on the site who has something you need. This credit system makes the bartering a lot easier and more rewarding for the individuals and businesses taking part.

If you have a skill, service, time or product you can offer, then you can benefit from www.barterwithbart.com. For example; Hotel owners could barter a few spare rooms, Mechanics could offer their hours, Baby-sitters could get new clients, Teachers could offer their skills, Beauticians or Hairdressers could pledge treatments, Gardeners could get rid of excess produce or Decorators could paint a room in exchange for Barts. In return, they can use these credits to trade with other professionals or individuals who have something they are looking for.

Be part of this online bartering community and swap your skills and time for something you need. Register at www.barterwithbart.com; search for what you need close to where you live, visit the product exchange and let the other members know what you can offer. Bartering will minimise your outlay, allow you to make new contacts and take advantage of the skills and products on offer in these difficult times. www.barterwithbart.com will be launching in Spain on February 1st 2009 visit today to see what you could get through bartering.

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