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The most famous tourist slogan for Spain just stuck. “Spain is Different” was the slogan that everyone of a certain age remembers about Spain and guess what? Spain is still different. In order to show you how Spain is still different I thought it time to bring out a new newsletter/magazine all about Spain by curating content from around the web.

The first issue was put together on the 28th of December 2011 and can be found here. New issues will be placed here as they come out but in order to make sure you get the issues as they come out might I suggest you sign up for the newsletter below which is all about this Magazine. You will then get the newsletter hot off the presses.

Spain Is Different First Issue 28th December 2011

First Issue In High Definition Version at Dropbox

Spain Is Different Newsletter First Issue

Spain Is Different Newsletter First Issue

Second Edition Can be Found Here

High Definition Version Here

Issue 3 Can Be Found Here. Interesting stories about an airport without planes but with a huge 24 metre high statue of a local corrupt politician and much more.

Issue Four Is Here

Issue Five Is Here

Take a look but make sure to sign up for future issues. The magazine will get bigger and better.


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