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It’s Important To Have Your Ducks in a Row… Or Else

Fallas is over for another year and as usual during the fiestas we took a few days off, it’s impossible to get things done and get around the city during Fallas. Just before that though we had a few clients here from different parts of the World and we sent them this article that we […]

How We Organise Your Orientation Day in Valencia

We have been asked many times for help with currency transfers, legal contracts, and a whole host of more day to day issues that people have when buying their Valencia Property. We thought it would be useful to let you know what we do with you as a client when you are here in Valencia. […]

When Your Valencia Property Budget Isn’t Enough. What Are The Alternatives?

Prices have risen considerably in the last year or so on Valencia Property in the city. Therefore many people have found that the amount of money they have no longer buys them what they thought they could get when they first started looking in the city. It is often six months to a year from […]

Your Personal Valencia Property. Tell Us What Your Needs Are and We Find It.

There is never a bad time to choose to move to Valencia and start living here. From a pure lifestyle design point of view Valencia offers great value for money, a superb cultural and sporting lifestyle and most importantly a friendly and safe atmosphere in which to spend your days. From a “where do I […]

Why Alboraya Could Be The Perfect Place For Your Valencia Property

If you have been thinking about moving to Valencia city you may have heard about the various areas, Ruzafa, El Carmen, Ensanche, Malvarrosa, Cabanyal and more (We have written about these areas a lot, just do a search in the box on the right) What you may overlook though is Alboraya as it is not […]

Why Americans Should Move to Valencia

We have put in the number one reason on these pages before, escaping from the Trumpfuhrer, but there are a myriad of reasons that Americans should move to Valencia in Spain before either Florida or California or any other place often compared with Valencia and Spain. The numbers of Americans visiting and settling in and […]

Welcome to 2018 From Valencia Property

Finally 2017 has left us, or rather we have left it behind. It will not be remembered as a great year on a World level although here in Valencia and for Valencia Property it was quite a good one. 2018 arrived promising to be better (Please) so we now hit the ground running with lots […]

Spain and Valencia Compared With The Rest Of The World

If you spend your time looking at the media you would think that the World is getting more and more dangerous and full of nutters. The truth funnily enough is the opposite. Despite appearances the World has never been safer, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good scare story, the media and political […]

How Our Personal MLS Has Worked For Valencia Property Clients in 2017

We wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about how our personal Valencia Property MLS works for you. Today we are going to show you what it has meant for just some of our clients this year. What we have found for them in collaboration with other agents and through sourcing the best selection […]

That Brexit Plan In Full, In Short Get into Valencia Now

In this special post just for our readers based in the UK we look at the implications of the tentative deal struck by the EU and the UK last week. The first stage of Brexit negotiations has concluded and the blockheads in charge of the UK have got what they wanted, the ability to move […]

The Seven Keys To Buying a Property In Spain

When you are looking to buy a property in Valencia or elsewhere in Spain there are certain features and aspects of it that you decide you want. However until you get here you may not really know because on seeing a place your preconceived ideas can change very quickly. There are certain things you really […]

Compare and Contrast. Living in Valencia City or Around Valencia

Most people are sure that they want one thing or another in their Valencia Property, an apartment in Valencia city or a house outside in Inland Valencia within a maximum of 30 minutes from the city itself, the airport and the beach. Some people are not so sure. We thought it might be useful to […]

Brexit Refugees, Trump Refugees and Now Catalan Refugees

Valencia is quite lucky in that it is a relatively stable part of the world with an enviable climate, excellent communications and a very high quality of life index. We have talked recently here of why Valencia is the right place at the right time and today it is time to concentrate on one very relevant […]

Right Place, Right Time, Right Here, Right Now

Anything in life requires timing, you get the timing right and you benefit massively, you get it wrong and maybe a great idea doesn’t come to fruition because its time has not yet arrived or you are slightly too late. Buying your Valencia Property comes into that category. The Spanish property market just like any […]

Why Valencia Property Should Be Your Personal MLS

There is not an all encompassing Multi Listing System (MLS) in Spain for property sales. In many other countries, the best known being the MLS in the United States, there is a multi listing system (MLS) for properties that virtually all real estate agents use. A potential buyer chooses their realtor and that realtor is […]

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