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That Brexit Plan In Full, In Short Get into Valencia Now

In this special post just for our readers based in the UK we look at the implications of the tentative deal struck by the EU and the UK last week. The first stage of Brexit negotiations has concluded and the blockheads in charge of the UK have got what they wanted, the ability to move […]

The Seven Keys To Buying a Property In Spain

When you are looking to buy a property in Valencia or elsewhere in Spain there are certain features and aspects of it that you decide you want. However until you get here you may not really know because on seeing a place your preconceived ideas can change very quickly. There are certain things you really […]

Compare and Contrast. Living in Valencia City or Around Valencia

Most people are sure that they want one thing or another in their Valencia Property, an apartment in Valencia city or a house outside in Inland Valencia within a maximum of 30 minutes from the city itself, the airport and the beach. Some people are not so sure. We thought it might be useful to […]

Brexit Refugees, Trump Refugees and Now Catalan Refugees

Valencia is quite lucky in that it is a relatively stable part of the world with an enviable climate, excellent communications and a very high quality of life index. We have talked recently here of why Valencia is the right place at the right time and today it is time to concentrate on one very relevant […]

Right Place, Right Time, Right Here, Right Now

Anything in life requires timing, you get the timing right and you benefit massively, you get it wrong and maybe a great idea doesn’t come to fruition because its time has not yet arrived or you are slightly too late. Buying your Valencia Property comes into that category. The Spanish property market just like any […]

Why Valencia Property Should Be Your Personal MLS

There is not an all encompassing Multi Listing System (MLS) in Spain for property sales. In many other countries, the best known being the MLS in the United States, there is a multi listing system (MLS) for properties that virtually all real estate agents use. A potential buyer chooses their realtor and that realtor is […]

Shhhh. Keep Valencia Quiet. Don’t Show This To Anyone

Sometimes you want to keep something to yourself don’t you: Sometimes when something is so good you really want it to stay special, stay the same just for you. Well, psst, Valencia is special, Valencia can be yours and you can still keep it quiet because it flies under the radar of so many people […]

The Most Important Features That Influence The Price Of Your Valencia Property

When you are buying an apartment or house in Valencia you can often be surprised by the disparity of prices of properties that a priori seem very similar. You may find that two comparable properties in size, attributes and area have a huge difference in price when looking online because you cannot see obvious and […]

Why Ruzafa Is The Hottest Property Market In Valencia and What Are The Alternatives

If you read the international press articles about visiting or moving to Valencia you could be forgiven for thinking that there is just one place to be, Ruzafa. Every article written in the last few years about the city of Valencia has mentioned Ruzafa as the place to be, to buy and to visit. It’s […]

Valencia Property Specials For September

The main part of the summer is over, that bit where we have to put up with the kids every day. It will still be hot for the next couple of months here in Valencia and after that it will be lovely and warm still during the winter if previous experience is anything to go […]

Valencia Property in the Midsummer Lull… (or not)

Surprisingly Valencia has cooled down in the week since I got back from a wet, grey, cloudy and rather depressing Brexit obsessed UK. It’s around 28 degrees every day rather than the 30+ degrees that was common in July. The Mediterranean is warm and welcoming, the beach bars are rather wonderful, the pavement cafes are […]

Valencia Property Open House Day Friday 28th July in Benimamet

We are having an open doors event this Friday in Benimamet. Take a look at the event details at the link here. So, if this is what you are looking for or even if you would just like to speak to us about what you are looking for and how we can help you to […]

The Valencia Property Second Quarter Report

Three months ago I wrote this article about the first quarter of 2017 in Valencia Property land.  http://valencia-property.com/new/2017/04/05/the-first-quarter-of-2017-in-valencia-property-brexit-trump-and-lifestyle/ It’s time now for the second quarter report and to let you know what is happening on the ground for foreign buyers in Valencia.  Virtually everything I wrote in the first quarter continues to hold true. We […]

Here Comes The Summer In Valencia

This weekend marks the longest day and it’s when summer really kicks off here in Valencia. The kids get off school for 10 weeks, yes, count them, 10 (ten) weeks, (to use the teleprinter confirmation style), and the beach bars and pavement cafes under huge parasols are now kicking with people taking advantage of the […]

The Journey to Getting Your Valencia Property

You know the drill, one day you realise that there must be something better in life. Maybe it’s another drizzle filled morning sitting in a never ending, soul destroying traffic jam and suddenly a song appears on your Spotify playlist from your younger days and it immediately transports you back to a coach holiday on […]