Chulilla is a wonderful small town about 45 minutes inland from Valencia. It is a Mecca for rock climbers and a great place for trekking, horse riding and relaxing by the Charco Azul. The town is a haven of small streets and squares overlooked by the castle on the hillside. It used to have a spa just outside the town but that closed down a few years back. You can read more about it here

Property in Chulilla is varied but the majority are apartments and town houses in the village itself. It's a great getaway and is very popular for people for short term rentals most weekends of the year.

Properties Available : 6

Nature lovers apply here

32,000 EUR

Another day another house in Sot de Chera. Like we´ve said in previous listings, this area is among the most beautiful parts of the Valencian community. Located inland so sometimes it gets overlooked in favour if the more coastal villages and towns, but it is paradise for those who love to be literally on natures doorstep. Situated in a small plaza in the town centre...

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Town House in beautiful Sot de Chera

40,000 EUR

If we were to rank small Valencian towns in order of prettiness, Sot de Chera would be right there near the top. It´s located inland in the mountains not far from wine country, about an hours drive from Valencia. A nature lovers dream, there are walking and hiking routes aplenty. The town itself has a river running through it that forms a natural swimming pool called “El gruñidor” (The growler)...

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Modern townhouse almost in the Countryside

112,000 EUR

Always amazing how much more you get for your euro if you are willing to come that little bit further from Valencia. This is Chera, between Requena and Chulilla, and it really is no hardship coming out here. Very popular with day-trippers from the city, the landscape here is beautiful. Rivers and swimming spots and mountains. This house is fantastic. It is an hour from Valencia...

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Semi-Detached Villa in Chera

160,000 EUR

Nice price for the size of property here because we have come little bit further out from Valencia to a beautiful area. Usually I take out the photos of the local town and country that agents use to pad out their property pages, but I've left a couple in here so you can see this villa really is almost in the countryside. However, its not. Its on the edge of Sot the Chera, a cute town not far from the vineyards of Requena...

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Semi Detached Chulilla Village Property

93,000 EUR

A simply built two bedroom semi detached property in an outstanding location of natural beauty in Chulilla, just a kilometre from the centre of the village. Chulilla is a haven for climbers, walkers and artists who love its location, feel and atmosphere. The property has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and terrace. It also has its own numbered parking space and a community swimming pool...

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Apartment Project in Chulilla

55,000 EUR

A project for someone in Chulilla, one of the most attractive villages inland to the north west of Valencia, this three bedroom apartment needs renovation but lies near the centre of the village and is a perfect weekend bolthole away from the crowds. You get three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and two balconies with decent views. It's on the first floor without a lift and lucky you, the furniture comes included.....

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