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Large Villa Outside Naquera

Price : 280,000€   : 6   : 2   : 158 Sq.M

Reference : 2175 - Listed : April, 2024

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Now why do you think you are looking at this property advert? Could it be an unbelievable amount of coincidences leading to this inevitable conclusion thirty plus years down the line? It might just be.

Norman Tebbitt said get on your bike as one of the leading ministers in Margaret Thatcher's government of ghouls in the 1980s and many of us took his advice. UB40 said "If it happens again I'm leaving" meaning if the witch gets elected again I'm off and some of us, including me, took it to heart when she was.

Now my totally rational hate of Thatcher was because of her Patrick Minford inspired economic policies. Does that name ring a bell? Patrick Minford, the idiot economist who should be totally discredited after 50 years of getting it totally wrong but hey, the Brexit economist, a favourite of Disaster Capitalist who lost to a Lettuce Liz Truss. He raises his ugly head again and now we have Brexit refugees coming from the UK thanks to the damage Thatcherism, Minford and Chicago school economics continues to wreak on the World.

So we meet again.

The truth is Thatcher would actually love me and that causes me pain. She would love me despite my desire to stamp the dirt down on her grave as Elvis Costello said just to make sure she doesn't rise again. Why? Because I left the country to work in the single market she adored and promoted and I set up a business as an entrepreneur in another country, I think this is known these days as Global Britain right?

My rational hatred of Thatcher though is nothing compared with my totally rational hatred of the current Conservative party in the UK who would be hugely further right than even Thatcher would countenance. The Overton window has well and truly shifted. But there is one thing I love about the "good old Tories" and whoever their current leader is as you read this (Sunak as I write) trying to escape their death spiral. The worse they get, the more clients we see trying to escape from the UK and lots of them contact us to see if we can help them make Valencia their new home.

What's that? Oh the property. It's what got me thinking about the 80s as everything in it comes from that era. From the style, the sofas, the bedsheets, the headboards everything about it really. Six beds, two baths etc... You get the idea. Look at the photos and if you're interested then contact us and we can take a look back in time. You don't even have to hate Thatcher, it just helps so that we hit it off.

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