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The Full Process of Getting a Mortgage in Spain

We have been asked many times about the process of getting a mortgage in Spain. Whether that is in regard to Valencia or any other parts of Spain it’s essentially a standard process. However, it may not be like the process of applying for and getting a mortgage in other countries so today we are looking at the process of getting a Spanish mortgage from start to finish.

Houses For Sale In Spain

10 Mad Reasons For Not Buying A Property In Spain

Over the years we have had a load of excuses for not buying a Spanish Property. Some of them are fair enough, some of them are rather strange and some of them are on the cusp of a deranged mind working overtime. I really don’t mind if somebody doesn’t want to buy a property, as long as they are honest. After all I try to be honest in the descriptions, my opinions and the properties we offer. But please don’t BS me. So here in no particular order are the top ten mad reasons for not going through with a purchase of a Spanish Property. Over the years we have heard all of them and no doubt we will hear more of them in time.

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10 Ways To Save Money When Buying Your Spanish Property

Or ten ways for getting the best value possible when buying Spanish Property.

When you are going to be buying Spanish property you obviously want to get the best value for money. However that does not only mean finding a property and negotiating a price that suits you and then sitting back and congratulating yourself on a job well done. There are so many other ways to save money on your purchase that if you do not do them then your costs for the purchase could be thousands of Euros higher than they otherwise would be. Take a look at ten of the ways in which you can save money when buying your Spanish property.

Houses For Sale In Spain

Rental With an Option To Buy? No Thanks, Not Usually

When you are moving to Spain you have three options really for your accommodation (or four if you bring a tent);

1) Purchase a property
2) Rent a property
3) Rent a property with a purchase option

The first option is fine, the second suits a lot of people too but the third presents problems peculiar to this type of contract and make coming to an agreement that suits both parties rather difficult at times. Let’s look at the issues that can come up:

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What Illegalities To Look Out For When Buying Your Spanish Property

When you are looking for a Spanish Property and it is a house as opposed to an apartment (Although we do have an example of a potentially illegal apartment, see number 5), there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Obviously your lawyer will look to see whether the property is illegal but you can save yourself some money by not even suggesting an obviously illegal property to your lawyer to look at.