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10 Ways To Save Money When Buying Your Spanish Property

Or ten ways for getting the best value possible when buying Spanish Property.

When you are going to be buying Spanish property you obviously want to get the best value for money. However that does not only mean finding a property and negotiating a price that suits you and then sitting back and congratulating yourself on a job well done. There are so many other ways to save money on your purchase that if you do not do them then your costs for the purchase could be thousands of Euros higher than they otherwise would be. Take a look at ten of the ways in which you can save money when buying your Spanish property.

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Spanish Property in 2013 – What To Expect

2013 in Spanish Property was an article originally featured in the Spanish Property Magazine for iPad, get your copy at the link. I thought it was relevant for here though. Here is what you should be looking out for, what you need to be aware of and how you should be thinking if you are thinking of moving to Spain in 2013. There are opportunities everywhere but there are also traps the unwary can fall into.

Buying Property in Spain, Houses For Sale In Spain, Lifestyle In Spain

Spanish Property Magazine Issue 3 Out Now

Apple has approved the third issue of the Spanish Property Magazine and you can now go and pick up your copy after downloading the app from itunes.

In this issue we look at how to live on a rock in two ways. Firstly a rock in the Atlantic, or a collection of rocks known as the Canary Islands and secondly a Rock tagged onto the Iberian Peninsula, the Campo de Gibraltar. We also take a look at the new residency requirements in an extremely important article by Lisa Sadleir and have a study of how low the banks can go and what makes up the new “Bad Bank” in Spain

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Coming Up On Valencia Property and Houses For Sale In Spain

Always being one to innovate and make things different I thought it time to incorporate some new things into the property platform and blog. So anyway what is new and coming up?

1) This is not ground breaking at all but it will complement the current presentation of properties well. There is an app on the ipad and iphone called Magic Plan. I have normally not got time to get the plans done of properties unless the owners can provide one. However I have my daughter working with me over the summer and she is supplying me with plans of properties that are on the site

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If Not France Why Not Spain?

I really hate writing articles when an open goal is presented and it is like shooting fish in a barrel but the French government has just presented Spain with a historic opportunity.

What’s happened?

Well the Spanish government has started to try and encourage foreign investment by two measures:

Firstly, as a foreigner, if you buy a property this year then they have cut any potential capital gains tax in half. Secondly, and this one is under consideration at the moment, if you buy a property for more than 250,000 euros then you may well be granted automatic residency (a nod to the far East buyers and eastern Europe perhaps) Couple this with the prices having fallen by around 40% from peak and there is a great opportunity to pick up some excellent bargain property in Spain.

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Why A Spanish Property Sells Quickly

Last week I had a situation that even surprised me. I try to get Valencia Property and properties in Spain that are extremely salable. Sometimes this means that the speed of the movement in the market can surprise even the quickest of clients.

On Sunday last week I went to take pictures of a property in Valencia. It was an apartment in Valencia that was large, with good views at a very decent price. The owner had placed it at 125000 Euros for an apartment with lift half way between the beach and the city centre in a nice area. (You can see it here) Now as you can see it is nothing to write home about in the aesthetic sense but it does the job and per square metre the price is good.

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When Spanish Property Prices Reduce Does Demand Go Up?

In the last few weeks quite a few sellers have dropped the prices of their properties because they need to sell or because they want to move onto another property themselves. You can see some of the examples below with the price drops. The question is though, do price drops on Spanish Property make a difference to the demand?

The obvious answer is of course they do. In all of the cases below we have had enquiries about the properties as a result of the price drops. However, where do those enquiries come from?

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Why Spanish Property Sellers Need To Be Careful Of What They Believe

I make no bones about it, there is life in the Spanish property market, much more life than most people suspect in fact. There is no doubt that badly priced, badly located and badly presented properties will not sell but the right property at the right price in the right place will always sell. As Meat Loaf once said “Two out of three ain’t bad” either.

However after a few conversations in the last few days I have to conclude that some people think that one swallow makes a summer and that an individual event predicts a trend even when the truth lies somewhere remote from the actual words spoken.

Let me explain…

Buying Property in Spain, Houses For Sale In Spain

Who Should Buy Property in Spain?

I want my company, Valencia Property, to change the way that property is bought in Spain, with confidence in the purchase and with the property as incidental to the lifestyle. Properties should sell themselves really because the decision to move here has already been made. What’s the story though? You must come with the right attitude and for the right reasons. What are they and who should be thinking of buying property in Spain? Read on…

Buying Property in Spain, Houses For Sale In Spain

Who Is Buying Property in Spain at the Moment?

I just thought you might like to know who is buying property in Spain at the moment. The reason I wanted to do this is that I placed a comment in an article on the Daily Telegraph about Ireland. Everyone started having a downer on Spain and the other, so called PIIGS, so I thought I would defend the country a little by stating facts rather than opinions from internet warriors probably still living in their mum’s houses. 😉