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Which Spanish Property Would You Buy?

There are seven clients visiting to buy Valencia Property in seven days at the moment. The strange thing is that three of them have chosen to see exactly the same houses. Therefore in order to give them the benefit of your experience, which of the following Spanish properties for sale would you choose and why? Remember they are different prices and differing styles but each one has its own things to recommend it. They all share one aspect though, a slightly raised position giving really nice views over the countryside for those days when you are sitting on your terrace sipping Sangria and luxuriating in the Spanish sun (or shade).

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Property For Sale in Iznajar, Córdoba

Now you are able to find out more about property all around Spain through our new sites and agreements in place I thought it was time to actually point out some amazing bargains in other parts of Spain apart from Valencia. Today we are concentrating on Iznajar in the Cordoba area of Andalucia.

If you are looking for the Real Spain then you could do a lot worse than the quiet inland town of Iznajar. Set around the beautiful Lake Iznajar property in the area has been compared to that in the Alpujrras made famous by the writing of Gerald Brennan. Quiet and yet just an hour away from the Costa del Sol, Iznajar has many attractions for you as a visitor or resident and that is the point of the main property for sale we have here

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Looking at Property in a Different Way

Valencia Property started in business 11 years ago at the request of a friend to find him a property. About a year later we put the first website up and until about four years ago it was a total mess but did its job. About four years ago it became database driven after the previous webmaster had refused to do his job properly for a couple of years but the website was still a mess. Last December thanks to Steve at Microedge it became much more coherent and now makes sense for people arriving on the site.

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Chalk and Cheese and Houses For Sale In Spain

I placed two properties on the Valencia Property site yesterday. These house are chalk and cheese in terms of houses for sale in Spain. An old favourite now reduced in price considerably in Alginet, a mansion of 8 bedrooms with an imposing frontage and views to die for compared with a townhouse for sale in Oliva at a quarter of the price.

Homes for sale in Spain

Stunning Town House For Sale in Spain

This house in La Pobla De Vallbona is a prime example of what lifestyle in Spain should be like. For me this is what a house for sale in Spain should be too. You have a brilliant garden with a large pool but don’t have to look after it, that is done for you, you live a great great community with friendly neighbours who live there all year round and you get to meet them round the pool or in the shade of the trees in the garden.