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Why Valencia Won’t Leave You In The Dark

The clocks have gone back and while much of Northern Europe looks bleakly at dark early evenings, cold weather and four to five months of greyness, Valencia continues to revel in warm autumnal days with plenty of light until late and a less depressed atmosphere. If you are looking to buy a Valencia Property then you can enjoy this light from one of our properties, see below.

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It’s Late but It’s Great. Spain is Different 13 Is Here

I had to go away. I needed to visit the UK at very short notice so I had to delay editing and publishing the latest Spain is Different Magazine. Unlucky 13 definitely. But the good news now is that it is out, it’s late and it’s great. Loads of interesting stuff this week, not least from Valencia.

So here it is and what do you get this week?

The City of Arts and Sciences
Spanish Architecture
The Jalon Valley
FC Barcelona Passing Coded Messages to the Syrian Rebels (Yep!)

City of Arts and Sciences, Lifestyle In Spain

The Latest Superb Video From TurisValencia

The Valencian tourist board do one thing very well, video. In the past they have put together some excellent promotional videos for the city and you can see them at their YouTube channel here. Now they have teamed up (No pun intended) with Valencia football club to present the city to you through the eyes of some of the footballers from Valencia. Check out the sights and sounds of Valencia as they take you around the city and its iconic places.