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Reasons To Move To Valencia Number 1,743

March has come around with grey skies for a whole day or two, until today when the weather is stunning, and Valenia looking good in the pre Fallas festivities. So just a couple of videos and some pictures to show you today. Firstly it was raining yesterday so we managed to get close to the first Mascleta of the Fallas fiestas (A Mascleta is a pile of firecrackers and fireworks going off for around 5 minutes sounding like a war zone.   There are 17 more of them to go before the fallas fiestas end every day in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 2pm.

Fallas in Valencia, Lifestyle In Spain

Some More Photos From Fallas

A friend of mine has a spiffing new camera and he used it to take some great photos during Fallas. I thought I would put them up on here so you get an idea of what great photos can look like taken with a decent camera. ie not mine 😉 So thanks for these Wayne and one day I will get a decent camera too and you can teach me how to use it.

Fallas in Valencia, Lifestyle In Spain

Fallas Has Finished in Valencia For Another Year

I don’t know whether it was just me or whether Fallas was rather muted in comparison to other years this year. The monuments seemed a little smaller and the chaos of the war zone a little quieter. However the city was still buzzing with so many people around that it was virtually impossible to move around. The weather was kindish until the last day when it became overcast and hotels in Valencia are reporting occupation around the 100% mark so they are quite happy.

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And Valencia At Least Has Stopped

Fallas is here.

Those words mean a lot of things in Valencia. Fallas means the start of spring, it means the ending of the cold period that is the short winter here, it means huge models in the street and roads closed all over the place for the huge models to be placed on street corners all around and it means that, this year at least, the children get a whole week off school, just before another two weeks off school for Easter. (Last year the two ran into each other)

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What You Need to Know to Live in Spain

I wrote an ebook a year or so ago about the buying process in Spain when you are going through the purchase process of getting a house. I am now preparing another book about what you need to know to live in Spain. Currently I am writing short articles on my other blog about aspects of Spanish life.

BMV Property for sale in Spain, Fallas in Valencia, Houses For Sale In Spain

Houses For Sale in Spain and Fiestas

When you are looking for houses for sale in Spain or even flats for sale in Spain you should bear in mind the local fiestas of the area you are looking at. An example of this is that I have meetings set up next week and viewings with clients of flats in Valencia. Valencia is currently in the Fallas fiestas, and this post will have some photos added later of the Fallas models in Valencia, and half of the roads in the centre are closed off and the other half virtually impassible.

BMV Property in Spain, Buy a House in Spain, Buying Property in Spain, Fallas in Valencia, Houses For Sale In Spain, Valencia Property Rental

Lots of Photos This Week

I have a lot of photos to take this week of houses for sale in Spain, well flats mostly but you get the picture. Fallas in Valencia is coming up so I am expecting the usual traffic problems in the centre as all of the roads get cut off in order to allow partying, drinking, banger throwing and huge quantities of fireworks to be thrown around willy-nilly.