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The Fifth Spanish Property Magazine For iPad Is Out.The Biggest And Best Yet

It took Apple a long time to approve this time, it seems that they don’t rest on the eighth day though and finally Spanish Property Magazine issue 5 was approved and is now in the app store. This is the longest issue yet with an extra special on the Spanish Road Trip following on from this month’s issue.

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It’s Not The Heat It’s The Humidity

The last two weeks in Valencia have had people complaining about the heat but funnily enough it is not actually as hot as normal according to the numbers, just around 32 degrees every day. However we are getting a really humid period at the moment and you walk around dripping. This is not the case in all parts of Spain, Madrid is a lot hotter but dry, Seville just gets seriously hot, North West Spain copies the UK weather patterns, rain, sunny spells and if it isn’t raining it has just rained or it’s about to rain.

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If Not France Why Not Spain?

I really hate writing articles when an open goal is presented and it is like shooting fish in a barrel but the French government has just presented Spain with a historic opportunity.

What’s happened?

Well the Spanish government has started to try and encourage foreign investment by two measures:

Firstly, as a foreigner, if you buy a property this year then they have cut any potential capital gains tax in half. Secondly, and this one is under consideration at the moment, if you buy a property for more than 250,000 euros then you may well be granted automatic residency (a nod to the far East buyers and eastern Europe perhaps) Couple this with the prices having fallen by around 40% from peak and there is a great opportunity to pick up some excellent bargain property in Spain.

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The Writers and Bloggers in Spain Extravaganza – Spain is Different 19

The nineteenth issue of Spain is Different is now out. It is a cornucopia of posts from a Facebook group I have of Writers and Bloggers About Spain. Of course on the suggestion of Yolanda, one of the members of the group, we should rename it as “Writers Against Bullsh*it About Spain” due to a lot of the rubbish being put out there at the moment especially in the Mail and Telegraph.

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Spain Is Different Issue 18 – Mentions Bucharest Too

“It’s Bucharest Stupid” and a load of other stories from the last two weeks in Spain. Follow the Athletic Bilbao fans on their odyssey around Europe and find out why it doesn’t pay to get a geographical illiterate to plan your trip of a lifetime. Stories this week include

1) Black Economy news
2) Why Spain WILL leave the Euro (According to one economist)?
3) The robot fish sniffing out pollution in Asturias
4) Social Media in the Canary Islands

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Spain Is Different 16 – What Makes The Spanish So Spanish

I realeased Spain is Different 16 a week and a half ago but didn’t put it onto the site, I was a tad overwhelmed with work. So here it is in its full glory featuring stories about:

1) The European Kids Association
2) Why Facebook Discussions Rock (A discussion about why Spain is a great place to live still despite everything)
3) How to Avoid Chicken Pox Spanish Style

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The Mayor Who Banned Passing Wind – Spain Is Different 15

We missed a week I know but life was just so busy with clients and then also the holidays and visits so this week I thought it would be right to make the Spain is Different Magazine a compilation of funny!

So to read about the Mayor who banned passing wind, the man who paid a fine for a dog he hasn’t got, how a minor member of the Royal Family shot himself in the foot and how a Madrid company is willing to pay you €2000 to watch the grass grow

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Spain Is Different Issue 14 Is Out – Controversial But Essential

Spain is Different Issue 14 has a bit of a theme about it. Simply put it has a shocking title but it has been a bit of a shocking week in Spain. We had a general strike, a budget and an amazing story (If true) about prostitutes and bankers in Madrid. So let’s have a look at what you get in Spain is Different 14.

1) Prostitutes, bankers and blackmail in the news
2) Saving the Olive Trees
3) Saving the Heart and Soul of Spain

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It’s Late but It’s Great. Spain is Different 13 Is Here

I had to go away. I needed to visit the UK at very short notice so I had to delay editing and publishing the latest Spain is Different Magazine. Unlucky 13 definitely. But the good news now is that it is out, it’s late and it’s great. Loads of interesting stuff this week, not least from Valencia.

So here it is and what do you get this week?

The City of Arts and Sciences
Spanish Architecture
The Jalon Valley
FC Barcelona Passing Coded Messages to the Syrian Rebels (Yep!)

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66 Days In A Luxury Hotel In Spain is Different Issue 12

Here is Spain is Different Issue 12 in which we announce our competition winners, a new competition for your photos and much more including;

General Strike news
Churros Shops in Disabled Parking Bays
A Woman Whose Legs Are Growing Back (Apparently)
66 Days in a Luxury Hotel
The Biggest Competition in Spain
Education in Spain
The Possible Collapse of Spanish Football
The Lure of Andalucia
The Comedy Circuit in Madrid

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Spain is Different Issue 10 Is Out

There is a story in the latest Spain is Different Magazine about me and how I first came to the country. Why was it? Well it’s partially about Marco Tardelli, and if that doesn’t get you to read it in curiosity then nothing will.

You can see the latest Spain is Different here.

It also includes stories about.

Catalan Cultural Nationalism
Bureaucracy and Opening a Business in Spain

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Driving in Spain. The Real Situation

I wrote this a couple of years ago and people on my mailing list (Sign up below in the pop up) or those who read EZine Articles have seen it before but just realised that it had never been seen on this blog. So here you go the unofficial rules of driving in Spain.

Driving in Spain is fun on the open road as there is a huge country to be discovered and very few speed cameras out there in the middle of nowhere. However as you get into the big cities it becomes a lot less fun, or even funnier depending on your point of view.

What you need to know about this is the following:

1) You always have right of way if you have the loudest horn, are not nervous about sticking the front end of your car into oncoming traffic and don’t mind a few bumps and scratches