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Renting Central Valencia Apartments

One of the things that people are doing a lot more in Valencia now is coming to live here for extended periods and studying Spanish in one of the many schools set up just for that purpose. Many of them are taking medium term rentals in the city and all of them generally want a central Valencia apartment walking distance to the school they are studying at.

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Spanish Property Magazine 2013 First Issue Out Now

The first Spanish Property Magazine for iPad of 2013 is now up in the app store for download. Subscribers should have it already pushed to their devices.

Included this month are articles about the reaction to the government’s proposal to allow residency for anyone spending over 160k, an overview of what 2013 may hold in the Spanish Property Market and a look at the changes in taxes and costs of purchase in Spain, how Spain is benefitting from World events and the second part of both Nick Snelling’s overview of the modern history of Spain and the Estate Agent Nightmares series

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The Fifth Spanish Property Magazine For iPad Is Out.The Biggest And Best Yet

It took Apple a long time to approve this time, it seems that they don’t rest on the eighth day though and finally Spanish Property Magazine issue 5 was approved and is now in the app store. This is the longest issue yet with an extra special on the Spanish Road Trip following on from this month’s issue.

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Spanish Road Trip to Andalucia

Tomorrow I am off on my travels. ON my way to see marbella for the first time, take a look at the Rock of Gibraltar, meet a lot of people who I can “Desvirtualizar” and have lots of meetings with a lot of people. This is all to do with the Spanish Property Magazine to get more agreements in place with agents to show off their properties in the best way possible.

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The Story of #SpainIs… Up To Now

Tired of all of the sniping at Spain?
Hating the way Spain is presented in the press?

Like to point out the good points about Spain?
Me too. Therefore along with a group of friends, Writers and Bloggers about Spain (Our Facebook group) we created the hashtag #SpainIs… on twitter in order to promote the positivity about the country despite all of the problems. And guess what? It was a major success. Here is a report in Sur in English newspaper about it

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A Change Of Look For Houses For Sale In Spain

I thought it was time for a change. For a year and a half we have been using the Magazine theme for the site and I thought it was about time that we changed the look, freshened it up and incorporated more images and colour. I know that a lot of people come here for the actual content over and over because it is so good but obviously I want you to make this a regular visit when you are online. Also I want you to look at Valencia Property too because that is where we put the houses. Therefore you are going to have a few links on this page directing you there 😉

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How Does An Estate Agent Sell Osama’s Hideout?

The Real Estate Agency Description of Osama’s Hideout. If i were trying to sell the house where Osama Bin Laden was hiding here would be my description:

Firstly I have to say that the owners are asking a hugely optimistic $1 million dollars for this place. But let’s get the positives out of the way.
– The previous tenant was highly security conscious as he thought of himself as very important in the grand scheme of things.

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Win A Copy of the Work in Spain Book By Looking at Twitter

Almost two years ago in June 2009 I wrote a post that was featured on This is Spain about Twitter users in Spain. It is interesting to see what has happened in the meantime to those featured back then. Many of the users from then now no longer use the service or have moved on into different accounts. Many continue using Twitter strongly, including the number one and two on the list below ;-).