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Snowboarding in Spain

Obviously there are lots of places to go snowboarding in Spain. The ski stations in Spain are high and currently absolutely replete with snow. You can go South to Granada and the Sierra Nevada, head inland from Valencia to teruel, check out the Picos de Europa or go to the more obvious Pyrenees along the boarder with France. However this post has nothing to do with skiing, snowboarding or anything else done on the white stuff, not even making snowmen.

Blogging in Spain, Social Media In Spain

Beyond Blogging

One of the things we are always looking at here is to give you more options when you come to live in Spain. The days when you could just turn up in Spain and walk into a job anywhere are over to a certain degree. Mike Cliffe Jones has been blogging for a career for a year now and teaching others to do the same. He has just brought out a roadmap for you to do it too. Have a read of his article about it here.

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Spanish Twitter Users Again

After the great reaction to my posts on Spanish Tweeters I thought it was time to put up another 10 for you to look at and follow. This is the fourth in the series on Spanish Twitter users just look back through the previous pages or do a search for Twitter through the search box above to the right to find the others. Meanwhile all of those previously featured have found excellent new contacts so try doing the same with these.

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Valencia’s Lake – The Albufera

One of the iconic images of Spain is the paella of course and Valencia is the home of Paella. Far removed from the tourist tat you can find on the main thoroughfares of the city where the Paella Mixta is a total corruption of the real paella you can find the Albufera lake and El Palmar just a ten minute drive out of Valencia, or half an hour in the summer near to lunchtime.