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The Four Horsemen Post… From the Spanish Property Network

We posted a very popular post on the Spanish Property Blog last week.Titled “The Four Horsemen of the Spanish Property Apocalypse”. Within it we explained how to get a bargain in Spain without going to a bank for their rather badly located properties. Take a look and if you have any questions just ask.

When you are looking for a property as a buyer you are obviously looking for a bargain that suits your requirements. Those requirements will be exclusive to you, ie different from anyone else, but you can almost guarantee that the property you buy will have many of the characteristics that others are searching for too (This is why we said that there are not actually that many properties really for sale in Spain here) One thing that you are looking for though is summed up in the Spanish Property search mantra “Bueno, Bonito y Barato” (Good, pretty and cheap)

Spanish Property For Sale

Is “A Place In The Sun” A Scam?

A friend of mine passed me on an advert sponsored and promoted by “A Place In The Sun” offering “Opportunities” in Murcia through Blue Med. The offer seems too good to refuse of course, properties from 61000 Euros in Murcia on the Condado de Alhama Golf Course with 110% mortgages and interest rates of 1.5% for the first two years.

Hold on! 110% mortgages? I thought that these were one of the main causes of the negative equity problems of any number of hundreds of thousands of Spanish and foreign property buyers in Spain.

Spanish Property For Sale

Putting Together A Portfolio For Residency In Spain

If you are from outside the EU you now have the possibility of getting residency in Spain at a cost of anything over 500,000 Euros, the minimum spend required, mortgage free, in order to apply for residency which will be granted automatically. Over on the Spanish Residency Site we have detailed the requirements for getting residency if you are not an EU citizen and you can see that post here.

Spanish Property For Sale

Spanish Property Market Report 2013

As we are into December I thought it was time to let you know about how the Spanish Property Market has gone in 2013. Obviously this is biased towards the Valencia region with my main catchment area being there through Valencia Property but also with the new project The Spanish Property Network we also have trends and tendencies from the rest of Spain to look at.

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What Illegalities To Look Out For When Buying Your Spanish Property

When you are looking for a Spanish Property and it is a house as opposed to an apartment (Although we do have an example of a potentially illegal apartment, see number 5), there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Obviously your lawyer will look to see whether the property is illegal but you can save yourself some money by not even suggesting an obviously illegal property to your lawyer to look at.

Spanish Property For Sale

How To Understand A Spanish Property Advert

Just like in English there is a totally unspoken language within property adverts in Spain. Where in English you need to read between the lines and understand that “bijou”, “compact” and “cozy” all mean “Oh my god never mind a cat you couldn’t even swing a hamster in here” Spanish Property Adverts have their own language and you need to understand it before making any decisions to view.

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Spanish Property Magazine 2013 First Issue Out Now

The first Spanish Property Magazine for iPad of 2013 is now up in the app store for download. Subscribers should have it already pushed to their devices.

Included this month are articles about the reaction to the government’s proposal to allow residency for anyone spending over 160k, an overview of what 2013 may hold in the Spanish Property Market and a look at the changes in taxes and costs of purchase in Spain, how Spain is benefitting from World events and the second part of both Nick Snelling’s overview of the modern history of Spain and the Estate Agent Nightmares series

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The Fifth Spanish Property Magazine For iPad Is Out.The Biggest And Best Yet

It took Apple a long time to approve this time, it seems that they don’t rest on the eighth day though and finally Spanish Property Magazine issue 5 was approved and is now in the app store. This is the longest issue yet with an extra special on the Spanish Road Trip following on from this month’s issue.

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Asturias and The Northern Coast of Spain

I went on holiday last week to my favourite place in Spain, Asturias. Why is it my favourite? The food and the people. Why couldn’t I live there, the food! Honestly I would be at least twenty kilos heavier if I lived in Asturias. The food is voluminous and gorgeous. The weather isn’t great in Asturias you know. It is not called the green coast for no reason. It rains. We were there for ten days and we had two full beach days possible although we did actually go to the beach more than that, not too much just enough to not get bored.

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The Bailout And The Opportunity

I don’t want to sound like a vulture here but the current malaise brought on Spain by the markets is having a positive effect in certain ways. The banks are being forced to lower their ridiculously optimistic prices on their stock of properties in many cases and there are finally some decent prices around.

In the last few weeks we have sold various properties from various banks but among them are a couple of well positioned apartments in Valencia that we have managed to get for clients at bargain prices. The majority of the stuff from banks continues to be overpriced, which may change, badly located, which will never be changed and badly advertised, which again will probably not change.

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The Importance of Living Near Facilities in Valencia Property

One of the major things that people come over to Spain for is the Spanish lifestyle. What is it that actually constitutes the Spanish lifestyle though? Is it the cafe society of being able to sit outside a bar in a pavement cafe with a “cafe con leche” or a “caña” while watching the World go by and doing some serious people watching? Is it the laid back attitude to life and the constant surprise of yet another local holiday due to the fiesta of some unknown saint in the rest of the country? Is it the chance to relax in the sun or even the ability to go into work every day in the sun giving people a more positive attitude to their work when they get there?

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Why A Spanish Property Doesn’t Sell

My last post on the site was about why spanish property sells. What to look for as both buyer and seller. You could say that the reasons why a spanish property doesn’t sell are directly and inversely proportional but that isn’t exactly the case. However the first reason for not selling a Spanish Property given below is very common and a huge impediment. Take a look and tell me what you think.