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Why You Should Buy a Property To Rent In Valencia

We have recently started up a rental service for our clients here in Valencia. You can see more about the service on this page. We have had lots of people signing up for the service and we have already placed a couple in their properties but it was difficult, very, very difficult in one case and they had reasonable budgets and expectations. Essentially there is little availability in the rental market in Valencia City.

Valencia Property

Welcome to 2020 In Valencia Property Land and Ten Reasons to Be Here

We get it! You’re jealous already. 2020 has started and where you are either it’s cold, it’s on fire, you have fascists in government, it’s depressing, it’s wet, it’s expensive, there’s a war going on, you don’t feel safe, you can’t go out at night or… OK it might not be one of those but you would love to be in Spain and you would love to be in Valencia. We know that. That’s why you are reading this blog.

Valencia Property

Brexit and Valencia Property. Your Questions Answered

Brexit and Valencia Property. Your Questions Answered.

This is a difficult article to write. It’s not difficult from a technical point of view, that’s easy, it’s a totally emotional thing. Writing about something that should never have even been a consideration for British people who have wanted to exercise their right to live, work and reside in another EU state was not even on the radar a few years ago.

Valencia Property

Choosing A Lawyer For Your Valencia Property Purchase

Let’s start by saying something that may surprise you, there are a lot of lawyers in Valencia. For a country that is not really litigious like Spain that is a bit of a surprise but when you walk around most central areas of Valencia you will see plaques and signs by the doors for each apartment building and they will inevitably include a lawyer in one of the flats and possibly quite a few.