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Valencia Property

Surprise Surprise! Little Things You Need To Know When Buying Valencia Property

There are a lot of things that happen in the background when you are buying a Valencia Property. Your agent, lawyer, mortgage company and bank are all doing things to make your purchase as smooth as possible and many of those things you may know about but never see.

However, in this post we are looking at the little things you will need to do that may come as a surprise at each stage of the process of purchase

Valencia Property

What It Really Costs To Buy Property In Valencia

For people coming into Spain from Northern Europe, the Gulf States and the USA buying a property in Valencia is a great way to find a good place to live at a decent price and still be able to afford a lifestyle when you get here.

What you pay for the house though is not your only cost. You also have taxes, costs, commissions and legal fees. We have written before about how it actually works out cheaper to buy a property in Valencia long term despite the upfront costs because the ongoing costs are low

Valencia Property

How Valencia Is Changing Its Look.

For those of you who might have been away or not able to get to Valencia recently you may not have seen the changes that have happened recently. Projects such as the increasing number of bike lanes, the pedestrianisation of the town hall square, the new building projects on the edge of the city, the revamped Plaza Redonda and even the roof on the Levante football stadium… things are changing.

Valencia Property

Dual Family Homes in Valencia

We are getting a lot of enquiries recently from clients wanting homes that will allow their extended family to live there comfortably, dual family homes. The ideal in this scenario is a two level house with the two floors being independent of each other, but we are also being asked for two properties on one plot and two apartments next to each other or even larger apartments that have been merged into one. As Valencia Property finders this gets us looking as we think this is becoming a trend

Valencia Property

One Step Spanish Golden Visa Properties

We are getting plenty of people looking to buy property in Valencia in order to get their Spanish Golden Visa. For those that don’t know what the Spanish Golden Visa involves it requires an investment of 500k in property in Spain without a mortgage in order to be granted a visa that allows you to move freely through Spain and the other Schengen countries without the requirement to actually live in Spain for more than six months of the year, a requirement of the usual Spanish residency visa. You investment can be on one property or a portfolio of properties to make up the 500k minimum.

Valencia Property

Golden Visa Properties in Valencia For Non EU Citizens. Summer 2020 Edition

The Spanish Golden Visa for non EU citizens has brought many people into Spain from all parts of the World to enjoy free movement around the Schengen area, security for their families and an excellent quality of life in a safe and accommodating country. All around Spain people have been buying up places to live so they can enjoy the rights that a Golden Visa gives them. We have sold many properties to clients as part of a portfolio so they can get the Golden Visa but it is much more common for clients to buy a single property over the threshold of 500k and use that as their base for exploring the rest of Europe

Valencia Property

What does a Valencia Virtual Visit look like?

We have spent a lot of this week putting together virtual visits for our clients, both owners and potential purchasers. We thought it was time to bring some of them together on this page so you could take a look. Our first set of Virtual Tours comprise a couple of very different houses in Naquera and by Valencia beach, a couple of apartments in trendy Ruzafa and Monteolivete, a full walkaround of the City of Arts and Sciences’ Opera House, a rental villa in la Eliana, and an office visit of our friends at Globexs. Take a look at what Valencia Virtual Visits look like and if you want to use our services to order a Virtual Tour yourself then contact us.

Valencia Property

More New Valencia Property Services

Our new Valencia Property services include Facetime calls from properties, Virtual Visits for both buyers and sellers and property checkouts and reports. Added to our consultation calls, rental package, orientation visits and relocation packages we now present a full set of services for anyone looking to move forward with their Valencia Property purchase.

What Can I Do With My Valencia Property Terrace?
Valencia Property

What Can I Do On My Valencia Property Terrace?

There are many types of terraces you can find in Valencia city apartments. Firstly, we have to distinguish the type of terrace. There are many. There are the first floor, mostly interior, terraces to the rear of the buildings, there are interior terraces in the middle of a building which are mostly lightwells but a bit bigger, there are terraces overlooking the street in intermediate floors and there are penthouses with their own terrace or with exclusive access to a terrace and finally there are common roof terraces. Let’s have a look at each one in turn.

Valencia Property

The Valencia Property Consultation Call and Whatsapp Alerts

We sent out a message to everyone on our mailing list last week about having a free consultation call with us to discuss your Valencia property requirements. The response was amazing and we have talked a lot of people through what we think happens next in the market, whether their ideal property might be available at a suitable price, we drilled down into what they are looking for a set up plans for them to follow until they can come over and visit us.

Valencia Property

A Video Feast From Valencia

It has been a long time in lockdown here in Valencia, I’m not exactly sure but I think it’s 27 days as I write this. 27 days without strolling around Valencia, without sharing images of our beautiful city and the areas around it and 27 days without visiting and photographing any Valencia property. Can you tell we are missing it?

Valencia Property

What Happens Next in Spanish Property?

Believe it or not this is the 1000th post written on this blog and the others we had over the years, they were imported here so that’s why we know. And of course we find ourselves in a rather strange situation previously unknown. Therefore we thought it would be right to write a post about what happens next, when the Coronavirus lockdown is all over, and the timescales for that.

Valencia Property

The New Valencia Property Website Changes

The New Valencia Property Website means quite a few changes to how you search for your ideal Valencia Property. The work for this took four months in total and we are happy with what we have finished up with. Let’s take you through the improvements to the site we have made in order to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for once you are again allowed to look for somewhere to live in Valencia.

Valencia Property

Little Things We Miss on Lockdown in Valencia

We love living in Valencia and we want you to love it too. At the moment though events have overtaken us and we cannot even offer to take you to look at properties you may like here and we don’t even know how long the situation will last and cannot yet begin to imagine how it will affect the country of Spain, the Continent of Europe and the whole World over the next few months and years.