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News, Mortgages and the Latest Valencia Properties

We completed our first sale of the year today at the notary and also took a client to a second visit of a property they are very interested in up in Naquera. This week has also included the acceptance of an offer for a place in Valencia City for our highest ever sale price in the city.

We currently have three sets of clients here looking for the Spanish Golden Visa and their ticket into the Schengen area through purchase of property in Spain, one American couple, one Australian and our first British clients taking this route to maintain their freedom of movement (They didn’t previously need it of course)

Valencia Property

Back to Work, Back To Reality

It has been a slow start to 2021 in Valencia. This always happens due to Kings Day on the 6th January (Epiphany) but this year it has seemed slower. We were due to have a signing today, 8th January, but it has been put off until next week as the bank sent the papers for the mortgage to the wrong notary (Spain happens) and then the regional government put in place new restrictions on movement including some towns completely shut down, see below, and then the weather decided to go really bad and maybe we will get some snow, Requena already has some!

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Welcome to 2021 in Valencia. Golden Visa Properties

Today we are starting a new weekly series in the blog featuring Golden Visa Properties, both houses and apartments. Every week we will feature a new property that you can get for over 500k to get your Golden Visa for Spain. Some weeks we will put together a portfolio instead for those who want to live in one place and have income from other properties in and around Valencia as you can buy various properties to satisfy the Golden Visa criteria.

Valencia Property

Getting Residency in Spain for Brits in 2021 Post-Brexit

Honestly, we cannot believe the lack of knowledge of people contacting us from the UK expecting to be able to move to Spain to live and sometimes work in 2021 just as they have previously done. Well, it’s not quite as simple as that unfortunately. The Uk will be a third country in the eyes of Spain and the rest of the UK and UK citizens will therefore have to satisfy the same requirements to come and live in Spain as other nationalities. In this post we are going to help you negotiate the morass of new regulations for Brits.

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Inland Valencia Towns Where You Can Grab a Great Lifestyle

Valencia is a great city with so much to offer that many people decide it has to be Valencia and nothing outside will work for them. Some of those people drill down to a certain area of Valencia and we have even got a client at the moment who wants a particular street. Of course we say that Valencia is great all the time in this blog, you can check back if you want, but we also appreciate areas outside Valencia.

Valencia Property

How to Add 30,000 Euros to Your Valencia Property Villa

Last week we published our post about how to add value to a property in the city, usually an apartment. You can see that post here. We said we would return to this subject and look at houses and villas so today it’s time to do that. And remember as a buyer this is what you can do in many cases after purchase to increase the value of your property immediately without any building costs, projects or licences.

However, bear in mind that everything we said in that post needs to be done in a house too. The below are the extra things that need to be done in order to maximise value in a house. And some of them cost considerably more than the basics in the last post.

Valencia Property

How To Add 30,000 Euros Value To Your Valencia Property

In general, people in Spain don’t tend to present a property for sale. if you do then you already have an advantage as the initial impression is “cool” rather than “omfg”.

As agents, we go round to take a look at a property, give suggestions for easy changes to make, value the property and start marketing it once everything is agreed. Once we get the first visits we go back and generally find out that nothing has changed

Valencia Property

Latest Properties For Sale In Ruzafa

At Valencia Property we appreciate all areas of our city. We have written before about the different districts in Valencia so you get an idea about what is available in each location (See the four guides to Valencia here) and we point out advantages and disadvantages of each area. One thing we notice though is that lots of people insist “It has to be Ruzafa for me”.

Valencia Property

Spain’s State Of Alarm Until May 2021

It has been a busy weekend in Spain as the government announced that it will be seeking support in Parliament to implement a State of Alarm throughout the country until May 9th 2021 in order to give regional governments the possibility of controlling the Covid-19 Pandemic. Obviously this will have repercussions in the Valencia region and on people visiting in order to buy property in Valencia.

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The Continuing Resilience Of the Valencia Property Market

We are living in strange times as you know. Covid19 continues to dominate everyone’s waking thoughts and many places are being placed into further restrictions and local lockdowns.

Valencia currently has very low transmission rates of Covid and there are no restrictions in place at the moment. There are hyper local breakouts of the infection which are generally tracked and traced quickly. Because of this life goes on pretty much normally here except that everybody, and I mean everybody, wears a mask and when you walk into a shop or public enclosed space there is hand sanitiser available.

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How Much Will My Modernisation Cost Me?

You might love the location, you may love the idea of becoming a part of the community in that area, you maybe don’t love the state of the electrics in a property. Perhaps the thought of having popcorn walls (GotelĂ©) forever fills you with dread… that bathroom just has to go… omfg look at the kitchen… you get the idea. Your perfect apartment or house might not look perfect when you walk into it but you know one thing at least… it has “potential”, lots of it, in spades and you want to make it yours

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Surprise Surprise! Little Things You Need To Know When Buying Valencia Property

There are a lot of things that happen in the background when you are buying a Valencia Property. Your agent, lawyer, mortgage company and bank are all doing things to make your purchase as smooth as possible and many of those things you may know about but never see.

However, in this post we are looking at the little things you will need to do that may come as a surprise at each stage of the process of purchase

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What It Really Costs To Buy Property In Valencia

For people coming into Spain from Northern Europe, the Gulf States and the USA buying a property in Valencia is a great way to find a good place to live at a decent price and still be able to afford a lifestyle when you get here.

What you pay for the house though is not your only cost. You also have taxes, costs, commissions and legal fees. We have written before about how it actually works out cheaper to buy a property in Valencia long term despite the upfront costs because the ongoing costs are low

Valencia Property

How Valencia Is Changing Its Look.

For those of you who might have been away or not able to get to Valencia recently you may not have seen the changes that have happened recently. Projects such as the increasing number of bike lanes, the pedestrianisation of the town hall square, the new building projects on the edge of the city, the revamped Plaza Redonda and even the roof on the Levante football stadium… things are changing.