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Valencia’s Beach Continues To Attract Interest. So What Is There?

Valencia’s beach to the North of the Port is divided into three areas; the Cabanyal, the Malvarrosa and the Patacona (For purposes of this article we divide it into four). However it really is just one long and very sandy beach with an excellent promenade that you will find people skating, cycling and jogging up and down every day all year round. The beach area is not overdeveloped as great measures have been taken to make sure that there was no massive property development that could spoil the feel of the area. However this has meant that for many years it was ignored. Now things are changing and even the Valencians are starting to appreciate what an underused and excellent asset the city has. To find out why we need to look back at the history of the city.

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Why would you want to live by the beach in Valencia?

There are many reasons of course for wanting to live by the beach in Valencia

you are living in a big city

you have an excellent Beach on your doorstep

you have a brilliant climate although it is raining today

the connection with the city is excellent via the tram, the bikes you can hire and the buses

the area has a life of its own

There is one huge attraction right now though. The prices.

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Renting an Apartment in Valencia For Teachers

We do very few rentals but every year in September we have an influx of teachers and parents coming into the international schools looking for rental property. Therefore we take on some good properties for rental in the city as this is where the majority of the teachers want to live and we take on some villas for the parents and their families.

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La Ley De Costas (The Spanish Coastal Law)

Today’s video in our 100 tips about moving to Spain takes on the Spanish Coastal Law (or La Ley De Costas) A totally confusing and rambling law implemented in different ways in different areas of Spain it is really something that you should be aware of. Even being a celebrity will not help you if you fall foul of it as Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith found out (Google it) Watch the video for a little bit more information and if you are thinking of buying a property near the beach then bear this law in mind and make sure your lawyer checks it out for your particular property.