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Update on Valencia’s Property Taxes

In April I wrote this article about Valencia’s Property Taxes. I thought you might like an update to the story as over the last few days I have been corresponding with three different potential Valencia Property buyers who are worried about their potential tax liability (they haven’t come through my company but they found the article and contacted for clarifications) We are now five months further down the line from the original post and the situation is a little clearer (Translation: It is still a mess).

Valencia Property, Valencia property News

Why Does Valencia Have The Biggest Garden in Spain?

The old riverbed in Valencia makes up the biggest garden in Spain. Starting at the new Parque de la Cabecera near to the stunning Bioparc zoo and stretching down past the City of Arts and Sciences for a full 9km, the “Antiguo Cauce del Turia” (Old Turia Riverbed) makes up the biggest garden in Spain. However everyone who comes to Valencia looking for a property always asks the same two questions, why is it here and where is the river then?

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September Is Looking Busy In Valencia So Book Early

August has been quiet in Valencia Property land. Not too many clients through the doors which is unusual but September is looking very very busy at the moment. Therefore a little bit of advice and some dates to avoid. Firstly if you are coming over to visit and look at some properties make sure to give me plenty of time to organise your visits. Mail me and reserve your space. Also the 12th and 13th of September are probably out as it looks like I may be in Madrid on those dates.

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Coming Up On Valencia Property and Houses For Sale In Spain

Always being one to innovate and make things different I thought it time to incorporate some new things into the property platform and blog. So anyway what is new and coming up?

1) This is not ground breaking at all but it will complement the current presentation of properties well. There is an app on the ipad and iphone called Magic Plan. I have normally not got time to get the plans done of properties unless the owners can provide one. However I have my daughter working with me over the summer and she is supplying me with plans of properties that are on the site

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Property Near The Formula One in Valencia This Weekend

It has been over 40 degrees which is very unusual but it looks like it will be ten degrees less tomorrow which is when the practice starts for the Valencia Grand Prix. Who will win this year? Well whoever gets to the first corner first probably 😉 Let’s hope we at least have a Mark Webber moment to liven things up. The point of all this of course is that this is the last year when Valencia will have a Grand Prix every year. In future it will take turns with Barcelona.

However this shouldn’t effect the real estate market in the Cabanyal area of Valencia as it has fallen a long way on the back of broken promises to gentrify the area and extend Blasco Ibañez Avenue down to the beach.

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The Importance of Living Near Facilities in Valencia Property

One of the major things that people come over to Spain for is the Spanish lifestyle. What is it that actually constitutes the Spanish lifestyle though? Is it the cafe society of being able to sit outside a bar in a pavement cafe with a “cafe con leche” or a “caña” while watching the World go by and doing some serious people watching? Is it the laid back attitude to life and the constant surprise of yet another local holiday due to the fiesta of some unknown saint in the rest of the country? Is it the chance to relax in the sun or even the ability to go into work every day in the sun giving people a more positive attitude to their work when they get there?

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Are You Owed Some Money In Spain?

I was reminded this week about the potential for anyone already living in Spain or who has sold a property in Spain to be owed some money by officialdom.

I got a call from a gestor about one of my clients from three years ago. Could I come in and pick up the excess money from the provision of funds made when she sold the property in … 2009! I misheard the amount on the phone. I thought they had told me 50 euros. When I arrived at the gestoria I was given a cheque in the name of my client for 950 euros.

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The Real Niche In Valencia: Attic Flats

One of the niche markets in the whole Spanish property market that still holds its value well and actually does very well on sale are attics in the big cities. An attic flat doesn’t necessarily mean that it has sloping ceilings in Spain it just means it has a terrace, usually private. This is the holy grail for city livers in Spain and therefore the demand is always high which means prices maintain themselves.

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Property For Sale All Over Spain

Houses for Sale in Spain and Valencia Property are happy to announce that in the next few weeks you will be able to browse for properties for sale in the rest of Spain too through our new sites. We have the widest selection of properties available throughout Spain with our new partner network which we have been working on for around a year now. This has been a long road of preparation and planning to make sure that our partners bring the same high qualities of professionalism, integrity and customer service to the table.

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What’s New On Valencia Property This Week

This has been an enormously busy week. Lots of clients coming into the region looking for property and many new properties up for sale and rent. So here are a few of the new properties on the site and the links back to them to see all of the photos.

Firstly another property in La Pobla De Vallbona with the huge advantage of living a few doors away from me ;-).

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As Usual I’m Busy

So my week went like this, Thursday, clients, Friday clients followed by football, Saturday morning clients, Saturday afternoon, clients. And it will continue, Sunday morning, pool party for soon to be 7 year old, Sunday afternoon, clients, Monday morning, clients, Monday afternoon, clients. Tuesday, catching up and birthday of 7 year old, Wednesday clients. You get the picture. A bit busy at the moment.

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Almost 300 Videos on the Valencia Property YouTube Channel

There are actually 299 videos currently on the Valencia Property YouTube Channel. I am looking for some suggestions for what to do with number 300 because it represents a bit of a milestone. What I thought I would do today here is embed a few to show what type of videos go up there and if you like you can then get over to the Valencia Property YouTube channel and subscribe to the feed so you see them as soon as they come out.

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Getting The Right Valencia Properties For Sale

As an estate agent in Valencia if there is one thing that satisfies me more than anything it is getting the right property at the right price and being able to offer it to the right client. This process makes my life a lot easier of course.

This week the process has produced three excellent properties for clients who have already indicated exactly what they are looking for. So let’s have a look at three very different properties in three price ranges and see what you get for your money.