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Renting Central Valencia Apartments

One of the things that people are doing a lot more in Valencia now is coming to live here for extended periods and studying Spanish in one of the many schools set up just for that purpose. Many of them are taking medium term rentals in the city and all of them generally want a central Valencia apartment walking distance to the school they are studying at.

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The Wow Factor in Spanish Property

Many people talk about the wow factor when they are thinking of buying a property in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter. What constitutes the wow factor though? I think you need a few examples.

Firstly, it is views that count. I have attached a couple of photos of a property for sale in Gilet and a property for sale in Olocau. Both get the wow factor for the views and both have made the best use of them by incorporating lot of glass into the design so that your eyes are constantly drawn to the views. The house in Gilet sees the sun come up over the Mediterranean actually giving you a good reason to get up before dawn.

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Lots of Photos This Week

I have a lot of photos to take this week of houses for sale in Spain, well flats mostly but you get the picture. Fallas in Valencia is coming up so I am expecting the usual traffic problems in the centre as all of the roads get cut off in order to allow partying, drinking, banger throwing and huge quantities of fireworks to be thrown around willy-nilly.