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Valencia Property

Adding Value To Your Valencia Property

We have talked in these pages before about what people are looking for when buying their Valencia Property and we have also talked about what to do as an owner to make your property look as attractive as possible to a buyer. What we haven’t done however is to tell you how to add value to your Valencia Property, whether that be a perceived or real value. There are many ways to do this and today we will be looking at some of the best, what these steps are likely to cost you and when and where they are possible.

Valencia Property

How To Add 30,000 Euros Value To Your Valencia Property

In general, people in Spain don’t tend to present a property for sale. if you do then you already have an advantage as the initial impression is “cool” rather than “omfg”.

As agents, we go round to take a look at a property, give suggestions for easy changes to make, value the property and start marketing it once everything is agreed. Once we get the first visits we go back and generally find out that nothing has changed