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Property Near The Formula One in Valencia This Weekend

It has been over 40 degrees which is very unusual but it looks like it will be ten degrees less tomorrow which is when the practice starts for the Valencia Grand Prix. Who will win this year? Well whoever gets to the first corner first probably 😉 Let’s hope we at least have a Mark Webber moment to liven things up. The point of all this of course is that this is the last year when Valencia will have a Grand Prix every year. In future it will take turns with Barcelona.

However this shouldn’t effect the real estate market in the Cabanyal area of Valencia as it has fallen a long way on the back of broken promises to gentrify the area and extend Blasco Ibañez Avenue down to the beach.

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How A Couple of Junkies Can Torpedo A Sale

City life is the same the World over. There are marvellous things and there are things that anyone would be sad to see. Think about begging on the streets, people rummaging in bins, and junkies shooting up in public. Now I know that New York managed to clean up the city some time ago with a zero tolerance policy towards anything considered anti social although that seems to be falling apart now. Spain has a similar problem, a friend of mine has just moved out of Barcelona due to the scams, prostitutes and general feeling of the Ramblas these days, and when I went to the UK recently the same problems were evident there except without the joy of the Ramblas and Barcelona in general.