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Spain Is Different Issue 14 Is Out – Controversial But Essential

Spain is Different Issue 14 has a bit of a theme about it. Simply put it has a shocking title but it has been a bit of a shocking week in Spain. We had a general strike, a budget and an amazing story (If true) about prostitutes and bankers in Madrid. So let’s have a look at what you get in Spain is Different 14.

1) Prostitutes, bankers and blackmail in the news
2) Saving the Olive Trees
3) Saving the Heart and Soul of Spain

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Spanish Banks Trying to Corner the Market

One of the things that you learn when you have lived in Spain for a time is that things are not what they seem in many cases. This may well be why “Spain is Different” still holds true. What on the surface can seem a totally normal thing has millions of tentacles and subplots underneath. Today’s question is what are the banks doing? Now Spanish banks look safe and have not had the huge upheavals of the States or The UK. However there is something going on and I would like to make a few suppositions here as everybody loves a good conspiracy theory.