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One Step Spanish Golden Visa Properties

We are getting plenty of people looking to buy property in Valencia in order to get their Spanish Golden Visa. For those that don’t know what the Spanish Golden Visa involves it requires an investment of 500k in property in Spain without a mortgage in order to be granted a visa that allows you to move freely through Spain and the other Schengen countries without the requirement to actually live in Spain for more than six months of the year, a requirement of the usual Spanish residency visa. You investment can be on one property or a portfolio of properties to make up the 500k minimum.

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What Are The Best Value Properties in Valencia At The Moment?

Each to their own and every person looking to buy property in Valencia has different criteria. Nevertheless I am often asked which property I would buy and why? The answer to that question is not an easy one as each and every person is different in their requirements, likes and whims. Therefore I have put a few examples of great value properties for different types of buyers in this post with links to the properties themselves.