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Spain is Different Issue 10 Is Out

There is a story in the latest Spain is Different Magazine about me and how I first came to the country. Why was it? Well it’s partially about Marco Tardelli, and if that doesn’t get you to read it in curiosity then nothing will.

You can see the latest Spain is Different here.

It also includes stories about.

Catalan Cultural Nationalism
Bureaucracy and Opening a Business in Spain

Is Spain Different, Lifestyle In Spain

Living in Spain With The Kids – Sports and Culture

We have talked on these pages before about education in Spain and what to look out for so that the kids feel at home. What we haven’t talked about is how to integrate the kids into the local community in the best way. Believe it or not this is easy because kids in general are so garroulous and adaptable they will fit in anywhere. However Spain has made it easier for kids to fit in by having loads of places they can go and do stuff.