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What Makes a Valencian Village (or Town)?

With the move towards townhouses and towns and villages outside the city, whether caused by the pandemic or otherwise, we have been asked many times what is it like to live in a Valencian village or town. Today therefore we thought we would take a look at the aspects that make up a Valencian town.

Civic pride is a big thing with Valencian towns and villages and any local council that doesn’t work on the physical aspects of a town, and even more importantly the fiestas, will have little chance of being re-elected when the next turn at the urns comes. There are many common themes that we can see in what makes a town so let’s look at them in turn.

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Fallas Has Finished in Valencia For Another Year

I don’t know whether it was just me or whether Fallas was rather muted in comparison to other years this year. The monuments seemed a little smaller and the chaos of the war zone a little quieter. However the city was still buzzing with so many people around that it was virtually impossible to move around. The weather was kindish until the last day when it became overcast and hotels in Valencia are reporting occupation around the 100% mark so they are quite happy.