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The Valencia Property Website Tour

We have added a new section to the Valencia Property homepage, featured properties. This was a request of many people as we often get asked what are your favourite properties on the site. As the website is now even more of a comprehensive tour through what is available in Valencia Property and what you need to know we thought that today we would take you on a step by step tour of what you can find on the Valencia Property website. This is applicable to the homepage on a PC or Mac but is also true on the mobile and tablet versions of the site.

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When Family Circumstances Give You A Bargain House In Spain

I got a call at the end of last week from a client whose house for sale in Spain is really nice. Because of circumstances he needed to go back to Germany and he wanted to reduce the price on his house rather dramatically. So here it is a price reduction from 320K to 160K, and it wasn’t massively overpriced at 320K either. So if you want a bargain house for sale in Valencia at 160k Euros with beautiful views

Houses For Sale In Spain

You Have Some Earth But Not Enough

When you buy a house for sale in Spain you often get yourself some quite unique issues, some would say problems. One of those specific issues is the electricity thing.

What is the electricity thing? Well you often get electric shocks in Spanish houses and flats. Small ones and sometimes a bit bigger ones that can make your hair stand up like Tom just after Jerry has plugged his tail into the mains.

Houses For Sale In Spain

Another One Bites The Dust

This is the latest property which will has been sold and completion will be very soon. The property has been sold around a month after making this video about it. Now if you as a seller want a video that is similar made about your property just get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

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Upgrading To Spain – January 2010 Newsletter

Upgrading to Spain our January newsletter is ready to look at. The first newsletter of 2010 and packed full of great information for those of you looking to move to Spain this year and anyone else with an interest in Spain. And it is big! So give it time to download to your computer. It should open automatically in your PDF reader, Preview on a Mac or Adobe if you have it installed on your PC.

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Stunning Town House For Sale in Spain

This house in La Pobla De Vallbona is a prime example of what lifestyle in Spain should be like. For me this is what a house for sale in Spain should be too. You have a brilliant garden with a large pool but don’t have to look after it, that is done for you, you live a great great community with friendly neighbours who live there all year round and you get to meet them round the pool or in the shade of the trees in the garden.