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Sometimes we realise that there are certain things that people want to read or hear more about even though there may be other things which are actually more useful. For example it’s always useful to know more in depth details about current mortgage rates and offers but those posts will never get as many views as those which recommend restaurants for example. Our blog is here to cover all of the angles in order to give the most comprehensive information about everything. Nevertheless, it’s quite useful for us to know what is popular in order to keep people coming back to the site again and again.

Valencia Property

International and Bilingual Schools in Valencia

This is a very difficult post to write for various reasons but as the question comes up so often on all social media platforms it’s an important one to know if you are planning on moving to Valencia with children. What are the schools like in Valencia? The first thing to recognise is that any move to Valencia with kids will not be successful if you are not happy with the education of them.

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Renting an Apartment in Valencia For Teachers

We do very few rentals but every year in September we have an influx of teachers and parents coming into the international schools looking for rental property. Therefore we take on some good properties for rental in the city as this is where the majority of the teachers want to live and we take on some villas for the parents and their families.