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Lifestyle In Spain

The 17 Worst Things About Living in Spain

It’s time to put on the sarcasm font and start “complaining” about living in Spain. Lots of people complain about living in Spain, just look at any online forum, but let’s give them a platform for their complaints here should we as only forum owners and their invented six alter egos read forums these days. So for all of you out there who over the years have complained loudly, repeatedly and in the echoey chamber that is an internet forum let’s give you a voice. The 17 worst things about living in Spain:

Lifestyle In Spain

Spain: Get Used To It

When you are looking to come and live in Spain and maybe to buy a house for sale in Spain you are going to a different country (Obvious huh?) with different customs and different ways of doing things. Therefore there are some things that you will need to get used to. Spain will not change in the near future but you need to do so if you want to fit comfortably into your new home (the house and the area).

Lifestyle In Spain

Move To Spain and Live Longer

If you live in certain areas of Glasgow and are a middle aged male I would get out quickly. The latest report about life expectancy in the World shows that men in certain areas of Glasgow have a life expectancy of around 55 years old. Spain meanwhile has the highest life expectancy in Europe and even more importantly the highest healthy life expectancy.

As posted in the report and quoted in the Guardian

“They may be out of work and struggling with financial disaster, but the Spanish have the highest healthy life expectancy in Europe – and beat Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA as well.

Lifestyle In Spain

Cricket in Spain

Not the usual type of post today but just to let everyone know that a new activity starts up in Valencia today. After a few weeks of evening practice under the Alameda bridge in Valencia, cricket comes to Valencia at the baseball pitch in the riverbed from around 2.30pm onwards. A touring team comprised mostly of Aussies and New Zealanders but based in London is in Valencia for a game of cricket against the Levante Select XI. Our first game. We may have to ask them to go easy on us.

Lifestyle In Spain

Valencia to Madrid On The AVE

There are many options for getting to Valencia apart from simply flying into Valencia airport as there are not that many flights from all parts of Europe. That shouldn’t stop you from getting here though and in some cases you can get here in style. You can fly into Barcelona, Alicante or Madrid for example and then get a train, hire a car or even use the bus service to get to Valencia.

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Feeling Awkward in Spain? Taking Photos and Videos

Today we have a guest post from Morten who writes for Javea Amigos. He has published this on Expat Forum but he said that we could use it as I thought that my readers might like it a lot. I did. It gets you thinking about different attitudes to life. I have also aded a photo here taken at my daughter’s concert last week. It is like a Canon convention, so different to the attitudes prevalent in many schools in the UK. Anyway, read on about Morten’s toe curling awkwardness! (Oh and you must read about bull football!)

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Finally a Quiet Week

I guess I shouldn’t be celebrating of course as without clients it is difficult to make sales but this week is no looking too busy for a change. Therefore if you are thinking of coming to see some property in Valencia I can fit you in most days this week. Here is just a quick selection of some things that have become available in the last couple of weeks at decent prices.

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La Ley De Costas (The Spanish Coastal Law)

Today’s video in our 100 tips about moving to Spain takes on the Spanish Coastal Law (or La Ley De Costas) A totally confusing and rambling law implemented in different ways in different areas of Spain it is really something that you should be aware of. Even being a celebrity will not help you if you fall foul of it as Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith found out (Google it) Watch the video for a little bit more information and if you are thinking of buying a property near the beach then bear this law in mind and make sure your lawyer checks it out for your particular property.

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Food In Spain. Tip Number 27 Of Our 100 Tips For Moving To Spain

Tip number 27 of out 100 tips for moving to Spain talks about food and how you should explore the tastes of Spain when you come over here. If you stick to your normal diet then food becomes a lot more expensive. Fresh food tends to be cheaper here but processed food is quite a bit more expensive. I have included two videos today, the first is the tip and the second is one I made last year that talks about the price of fruit and veg in Spain.

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Our New Video Channel: Valencia Property TV

For a few years now I have held the domain www.valencia-property.tv. I thought it was about time to do something with it. Therefore I have placed many of our You Tube videos on there so that you can browse through some of the videos we have on offer. The site can be searched by category and includes videos on Culture in Spain, Attics for sale in Spain, Spanish Villas, Lifestyle in Spain, the all important working in Spain and much more.

Lifestyle In Spain

Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools

This book was so good I really regret the month I spent not being able to read it from when my copy arrived. See my video post about it below but really just go to the Amazon link and buy it. The highlights for me are the anecdotes about the jellyfish sting, the snake and the whole saga of the chickens. This is one of the few books I have read recently that has actually made me chuckle out loud and the recipe interludes are inspired.

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Our New Community Forum on Houses For Sale In Spain

We have a forum. But it is not a typical forum. It is for suggestions.

Go to the little red tab on the side of the page saying “feedback” and click. A little lightbox will come up and you click on the bit asking “Post in Here Your Ideas That Can Help Us To Help You”. If you have any ideas that will help us to make our service better then we will be happy to try it out.

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Fallas Has Finished in Valencia For Another Year

I don’t know whether it was just me or whether Fallas was rather muted in comparison to other years this year. The monuments seemed a little smaller and the chaos of the war zone a little quieter. However the city was still buzzing with so many people around that it was virtually impossible to move around. The weather was kindish until the last day when it became overcast and hotels in Valencia are reporting occupation around the 100% mark so they are quite happy.