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The Best of Valencia's Suburbs
2023-09-18 08:36:28

The Best of Valencia's Suburbs

In other countries when you say you live in the suburbs there is an immediate impression of a sense of something very different from city life. In the UK it's all to do with middle class aspiration and keeping up with the Joneses, curtain twitching, needing the car for everything but most especially for getting to the golf club and an impending sense of quiet boredom and doom stretching from mid life into your dotage. In the USA it's white picket fences, needing the car for everything but needing to travel much further, overbearing home owners associations, every house identical and a longing to return to main street USA where everything was to hand before the 'Burbs existed. In Spain the suburbs are different because the concept of the commute was alien to Spanish life until quite recently and most of them weren't built by a developer to a template.

The Best Of Valencia Property 2022
2022-12-26 10:14:11

The Best Of Valencia Property 2022

Yes, we know it's Xmas time and many of you are looking forward to eating and drinking far too much over the festive period so today we thought that rather than giving you more to think about we'd look at our greatest hits from 2022 on a month by month basis. A post you can dip into and out of as you wish to read the most important or sometimes the most popular posts we have produced on the blog this year and also a look back to some images we have taken this year. Without further ado therefore, let's look at 2022 on Valencia Property month by month.

20 Great Little Things About Valencia
2022-01-31 08:54:53

20 Great Little Things About Valencia

We often write in these blog posts about how good Valencia is in terms of lifestyle. We show you images of properties and areas that show Valencia "in the whole" and give you a broad overview of what awaits you in the city and around. On our social media channels we show you impressive views, great properties, Valencia Blues, the stunning countryside and news about what is happening in and around the city. We even once posted an epic image based post about 112 Reasons for Moving to Valencia. However today we are going to focus on some of those little things that make Valencia a satisfying place to live. Things that we often overlook but increase the liveability of the city. Take a look at 20 great little (and not so little) things about Valencia.

2014-08-15 12:22:39

We Are Back, We Are Busy and Valencia Is Awesome

It's been a month almost since the last post because three days after it I went on holiday. Barcelona, Nimes, Avignon, Paris, Shrewsbury and Asturias were seen and pictured and now I am back and ... boy did I have to hit the ground running. Lots of clients heaps of enquiries, amazing social media connections, huge new business opportunities coming up and the dire need to get even more properties onto the books to satisfy demand.

2013-03-02 11:03:33

Reasons To Move To Valencia Number 1,743

March has come around with grey skies for a whole day or two, until today when the weather is stunning, and Valenia looking good in the pre Fallas festivities. So just a couple of videos and some pictures to show you today. Firstly it was raining yesterday so we managed to get close to the first Mascleta of the Fallas fiestas (A Mascleta is a pile of firecrackers and fireworks going off for around 5 minutes sounding like a war zone.   There are 17 more of them to go before the fallas fiestas end every day in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 2pm.

2012-11-30 04:42:00

190000 Euros in the City or the Country?

I have had two really good deals passed onto me in the last couple of weeks but they are chalk and cheese as to what your money will get you. So the question is do you want a large city apartment overlooking a church or a huge country house overlooking rolling orange groves. It's a really difficult choice for most people who are not clear on their requirements but for those with a laser targetted focus there is really no choice. If you want a city pad then that is what you want and if you want lots of outside space and a pool then a city pad is not an option.

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