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There Is Definitely Something Wrong in Visa Land

Of all of the types of visa for coming to live in Spain (Which we wrote about in this previous post) there are three that stand out because they either excite people or, simply put, they get the job done. They are the Non Lucrative Visa (The NLV), the Golden Visa (The GV) and the Digital Nomad Visa (The DNV). The NLV is the one that gets the job done. It’s for people who have savings or passive income, usually in the form of pensions, and can support themselves to live in Spain. Job done. It’s the other two that excite people and none moreso than the DNV, the most recent addition to the Visa list, because it promises so much to so many people who are now able to work remotely from anywhere in the world. The GV is more the preserve of those with quite a bit of money.

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FAQ Me 2

Last week we had our first session of Frequently Asked Questions about Valencia Property and today it’s time for a second helping. We also look at our latest podcast about what it’s like to be an estate agent or realtor in Valencia and bring you our properties of the week and some news from Valencia along with our tip for this week.

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We have long had an FAQ page on our website which you can see here and in it we even have an embedded video all about the most frequently asked questions. However we thought it time to reiterate and add more questions of those that we consistently get asked. Equally we thought the best way to answer the questions was by way of the blog posts we have written because there is so much information on the site that you may get lost and not be able to find all of the information you want.

Saying that we do have a page with the most essential posts to get you a broad overview of what to do and the market in general in Valencia Property which you can see at the link but read on for more answers to our frequently asked questions about Valencia Property.

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The Best Of Valencia Property 2022

Yes, we know it’s Xmas time and many of you are looking forward to eating and drinking far too much over the festive period so today we thought that rather than giving you more to think about we’d look at our greatest hits from 2022 on a month by month basis. A post you can dip into and out of as you wish to read the most important or sometimes the most popular posts we have produced on the blog this year and also a look back to some images we have taken this year. Without further ado therefore, let’s look at 2022 on Valencia Property month by month.

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Which Type of Client Are You?

Here at Valencia Property we love working with our clients. We generally get really nice people to work with who we click with and we work very well together. This is probably because there is a natural filter on the website in the descriptions of the properties and the tone of both the descriptions and the blogs, irreverant, tongue in cheek, cheeky and light.

It’s not for us to be the suited and booted agents you find elsewhere dry and without any defined personality. Some people may prefer that and as a result we might not see them as they won’t get in touch with an agent that describes a house to the tune of a Mariah Carey song, one that is described as An Ecumenical Matter or one that talks about my semi-obsession with Baileys.

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How To Be Valencian – A Short Guide

We are often asked about living in Valencia, about how it’s different and about what you need to do to fit in. It’s a precursor to moving to Valencia for many people. They want to know what life is like here and how they can become a part of that “scene”. First thing it’s difficult. “Being Valencian” requires much more than just living in Valencia. It’s an attitude, a set of inherited traits and a socialisation in Valencian society.

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The Continuing Resilience Of the Valencia Property Market

We are living in strange times as you know. Covid19 continues to dominate everyone’s waking thoughts and many places are being placed into further restrictions and local lockdowns.

Valencia currently has very low transmission rates of Covid and there are no restrictions in place at the moment. There are hyper local breakouts of the infection which are generally tracked and traced quickly. Because of this life goes on pretty much normally here except that everybody, and I mean everybody, wears a mask and when you walk into a shop or public enclosed space there is hand sanitiser available.

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How Valencia Is Changing Its Look.

For those of you who might have been away or not able to get to Valencia recently you may not have seen the changes that have happened recently. Projects such as the increasing number of bike lanes, the pedestrianisation of the town hall square, the new building projects on the edge of the city, the revamped Plaza Redonda and even the roof on the Levante football stadium… things are changing.

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The New Valencia Property Website Changes

The New Valencia Property Website means quite a few changes to how you search for your ideal Valencia Property. The work for this took four months in total and we are happy with what we have finished up with. Let’s take you through the improvements to the site we have made in order to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for once you are again allowed to look for somewhere to live in Valencia.