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Valencia Property

Inland Valencia Towns Where You Can Grab a Great Lifestyle

Valencia is a great city with so much to offer that many people decide it has to be Valencia and nothing outside will work for them. Some of those people drill down to a certain area of Valencia and we have even got a client at the moment who wants a particular street. Of course we say that Valencia is great all the time in this blog, you can check back if you want, but we also appreciate areas outside Valencia.

Valencia Property

One Step Spanish Golden Visa Properties

We are getting plenty of people looking to buy property in Valencia in order to get their Spanish Golden Visa. For those that don’t know what the Spanish Golden Visa involves it requires an investment of 500k in property in Spain without a mortgage in order to be granted a visa that allows you to move freely through Spain and the other Schengen countries without the requirement to actually live in Spain for more than six months of the year, a requirement of the usual Spanish residency visa. You investment can be on one property or a portfolio of properties to make up the 500k minimum.