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Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa Has Arrived

We have been waiting all year for Spain’s Digital Nomad visa to see the light of day and to look into the details as we have a list of potential clients looking to move from certain other countries which might be basket cases at the moment (Yes, once again the UK we are looking at you) and wanting to come to Spain on the new Spanish Digital Nomad Visa.

Now the Digital Nomad Visa is part of a package of measures in Spain’s new start up law and finally this week the government announced the details of that law and today we are looking into what it means for those of you looking to come to Spain on the new digital nomad visa. There are couple of details still to be ironed out (We will update this post as and when those details come out) but following is what we know up to now.

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Brits in Valencia After One Year Of Brexit

Everyone who has been to visit us in the last year has asked the same question in one or more ways, “What has happened to the Brits coming here in the last year?” Americans ask it, the Dutch ask it and virtually everyone else asks us but most of all the Brits who visit us ask it because they can’t understand the reason for the harm that has been imposed on their own island by the increasingly corrupt and incompetent UK government.

I suppose we get asked it because we are British and everyone is interested in how a country can be so so so stupid as to impose restrictions on its own citizens by leaving the most successful trading and cultural block in the World

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Getting Residency in Spain for Brits in 2021 Post-Brexit

Honestly, we cannot believe the lack of knowledge of people contacting us from the UK expecting to be able to move to Spain to live and sometimes work in 2021 just as they have previously done. Well, Spanish Residency Post Brexit is not quite as simple as that unfortunately. The Uk will be a third country in the eyes of Spain and the rest of the UK and UK citizens will therefore have to satisfy the same requirements to come and live in Spain as other nationalities. In this post we are going to help you negotiate the morass of new regulations for Brits.