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Droning On About Valencia

The answer to the question “Why are you always droning on about Valencia?” is self evident. There’s a lot to write about, it’s a great place to write about and we actually enjoy it. Whether the droning on is on our instagram page with great images of houses and places in Valencia, making videos for our Youtube page, updating our Facebook page without fomenting a potential revolution and storming of the Capitol building, making walkthrough and flyaround videos of properties for our potential clients like the one below or just writing stuff like this post on the blog.

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Valencia Property

The Valencia Property Second Quarter Report

Three months ago I wrote this article about the first quarter of 2017 in Valencia Property land.  http://valencia-property.com/new/2017/04/05/the-first-quarter-of-2017-in-valencia-property-brexit-trump-and-lifestyle/ It’s time now for the second quarter report and to let you know what is happening on the ground for foreign buyers in Valencia.  Virtually everything I wrote in the first quarterContinue reading

Valencia Property

112 Reasons To Move to Valencia – The Best Lifestyle Design For You

There are many reasons that a person decides to settle in a place to live. Family ties, inertia and work are three of the obvious ones. However over recent years Lifestyle Design has become much more important. As we become more mobile and the world is shrunk by better communications in terms of both the internet and transport connections we have greater choice in life. If you are able to make a choice and are not tied down to your traditional hometown or a life driven by work and commuting why would you choose Valencia? Well, we have put together a not so short list for you. Let’s present, just for you, 112 Reasons to move to Valencia.

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Speechless At The Price Drops On Valencia Property

Today I got three phone calls dropping the price on already well priced properties in Valencia and I took pictures of an absolutely lovely well positioned place in Olocau although it was a grey day so the pictures are less bright than they normally would be.

I thought it was time therefore to let you know more about these great bargains so you can see the value for money now available on some property in Valencia.

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The Wow Factor in Spanish Property

Many people talk about the wow factor when they are thinking of buying a property in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter. What constitutes the wow factor though? I think you need a few examples.

Firstly, it is views that count. I have attached a couple of photos of a property for sale in Gilet and a property for sale in Olocau. Both get the wow factor for the views and both have made the best use of them by incorporating lot of glass into the design so that your eyes are constantly drawn to the views. The house in Gilet sees the sun come up over the Mediterranean actually giving you a good reason to get up before dawn.

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Spanish Casa Rural For Sale in Gatova Near Valencia

Sometimes you get an opportunity to buy something that is just a bit different. Something that is a bit out of the ordinary and could work very well for you as a home and also a business. Today is one of those times.

This house for sale in Spain is really four individual three bedroomed houses in one. It is the little village of Gatova 11km up the road from Olocau in the mountains of the Sierra Calderona National Park

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The Sierra Calderona National Park

This week I will be showing you some images from the Sierra Calderona National Park just north of me here in La Pobla. I have taken some video from up near Naquera and I will be featuring properties on the edge or in The Sierra Calderona National Park. They are all within half an hour of the airport or Valencia though so have really good access into the city.