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Why Would You Get a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is something that we have been recommending at Valencia Property for a long time. And not just any type of Power of Attorney, no señor, a full, all singing, all dancing General Power of Attorney allowing the lawyer to do anything for you… absolutely anything, essentially allowing them to be you in Spain. We get a lot of clients who are reticent to do this of course as it’s not normal in other countries. Powers of attorney tend to be for specific things rather than for general matters. And people don’t trust lawyers… I wonder why. So when we recommend a full General Power of Attorney we are often confronted with reticence. Therefore, today we are looking at why you may want a Power of Attorney, how it may save your purchase and what else it can be useful for.

Valencia Property

Spring Has Arrived In Valencia and Summer Plans

Finally, we have arrived in Spring in Valencia and the sun is out and the temperatures have risen. It’s unusually late this year but we are now looking forward to a long warm spring and summer. Here at Valencia Property we are really busy as always and we start the week tomorrow (Because today, Monday, is yet another holiday in the city) with a day at the notary and afternoon visits to properties.