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Taxes on Spanish Property Purchases in 2022

Those of you who listen to our podcast might have heard most of this post in the last episode. You too can hear it here along with a lot more information (Also make sure to subscribe for more episodes as they are released each Friday) However, we thought it was better to release this information here too as the more knowledge you have the better informed your decision to purchase Valencia Property will be and it might make more sense written down as there are lots of ifs, buts, maybes and numbers involved.

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2022 Starts and It’s Complicated…

Welcome to 2022 and Valencia Property. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible with long form blog posts and more but Spain remains on holiday at the moment and Epiphany arrives on the 6th and nothing gets back to normal this year until the 10th when the kids go back to school and the majority of people go back to work.

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When Perfect is the Enemy of Good or Great

I recently wrote an article about the Paradox of Choice, you can see it at the link. In it we talked about there being less choice in the market but that is not necessarily a bad thing. We talked about positive constraints and knowing what you want when you are buying property or, to put it bluntly, anything really. When you are sure about what your requirements are then it is a lot easier to find what you are looking for. However, this is a follow up, this is a warning and it’s important when looking for property or anything, sometimes perfect is your enemy because perfect doesn’t exist, sometimes good enough is great!

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December 2021 in Valencia Property Land

Normally you get articles on Mondays but today is a Tuesday post because it was my birthday yesterday and I decided to do no work. Now the truth is that December will mean not doing anything on many days because that is what happens in December in Spain. In this post we will tell you about the latest news from Valencia in terms of property, mortgages and inevitably, and unfortunately, Covid, news about holidays this month and our Golden Visa Property of the week too. We will also talk about illegality. Enjoy.

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Where Do The People With Ferraris Live?

It’s not my bag and it’s not my style but a question posed this week by a client moving to Valencia in January piqued my interest. They are looking to move to Valencia and wanted to be in an area that you could class as “High End” Valencia, the question was “Where do the people with Ferraris live?”. So today we are going to list the areas where the people with Ferraris live so you can either aim to join them or totally avoid them because your requirements involve much more than living in an area where people wouldn’t give people like me the time of day ;-). (I’m sure the potential client was joking but if it gives me material for a blog post then I’m good with that.)

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The Valencia Property Website Tour

We have added a new section to the Valencia Property homepage, featured properties. This was a request of many people as we often get asked what are your favourite properties on the site. As the website is now even more of a comprehensive tour through what is available in Valencia Property and what you need to know we thought that today we would take you on a step by step tour of what you can find on the Valencia Property website. This is applicable to the homepage on a PC or Mac but is also true on the mobile and tablet versions of the site.

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Property For Sale All Over Spain

Houses for Sale in Spain and Valencia Property are happy to announce that in the next few weeks you will be able to browse for properties for sale in the rest of Spain too through our new sites. We have the widest selection of properties available throughout Spain with our new partner network which we have been working on for around a year now. This has been a long road of preparation and planning to make sure that our partners bring the same high qualities of professionalism, integrity and customer service to the table.

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A Change Of Look For Houses For Sale In Spain

I thought it was time for a change. For a year and a half we have been using the Magazine theme for the site and I thought it was about time that we changed the look, freshened it up and incorporated more images and colour. I know that a lot of people come here for the actual content over and over because it is so good but obviously I want you to make this a regular visit when you are online. Also I want you to look at Valencia Property too because that is where we put the houses. Therefore you are going to have a few links on this page directing you there 😉

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Getting The Right Valencia Properties For Sale

As an estate agent in Valencia if there is one thing that satisfies me more than anything it is getting the right property at the right price and being able to offer it to the right client. This process makes my life a lot easier of course.

This week the process has produced three excellent properties for clients who have already indicated exactly what they are looking for. So let’s have a look at three very different properties in three price ranges and see what you get for your money.

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20 Home Staging Tips For Your Spanish Property (Part 2)

After Thursday’s first ten tips for home staging your Spanish property here are the next ten tips that should tell you how to home stage your property in Spain. Learn from these mistakes and this time they are all my comments to the sellers. As you may be able to imagine none of the properties below got onto the Valencia Property site, apart from the one with the pot bellied pig and cats (It was just so cheap).

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The Wow Factor in Spanish Property

Many people talk about the wow factor when they are thinking of buying a property in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter. What constitutes the wow factor though? I think you need a few examples.

Firstly, it is views that count. I have attached a couple of photos of a property for sale in Gilet and a property for sale in Olocau. Both get the wow factor for the views and both have made the best use of them by incorporating lot of glass into the design so that your eyes are constantly drawn to the views. The house in Gilet sees the sun come up over the Mediterranean actually giving you a good reason to get up before dawn.

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Finally a Quiet Week

I guess I shouldn’t be celebrating of course as without clients it is difficult to make sales but this week is no looking too busy for a change. Therefore if you are thinking of coming to see some property in Valencia I can fit you in most days this week. Here is just a quick selection of some things that have become available in the last couple of weeks at decent prices.

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The Final One Of Our 100 Tips For Moving To Spain (New Posts Below)

So here it is then. The last of our 100 tips for people moving to Spain or thinking about it at least and this one is the most obvious of all. However firstly let me tell you about the journey to get here.

I started this series of videos after reading something about how to keep people coming back for more on your blog and various social media platforms, thanks to Don Crowther for that. I had been thinking about the concept of market leadership for some time thanks to Ed Dale and the people at The Challenge and I wanted to do something that provided huge value to people wanting to come over to Spain and at the same time would establish the brand of Valencia Property and Houses For Sale In Spain as a market leader in the sale of property to foreigners.

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The 100 Tips For Moving to Spain Continues

I got a lot of feedback about tip number 54 which you can see by going to the You Tube Channel and looking through the playlist that is featured. It asked the question whether you are racist/bigoted.

Today tip number 59 has been uploaded into YouTube and that is the simple point that Spain is a noisy place so get used to the idea. Don’t buy a city flat then complain about the noise because you have been forewarned about it now. Valencia is actually the noisiest city in Europe apparently and they revel in that status.

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Tip Number 53 of our 100 Tips. Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

In the immortal words of Joe Gormley, ex Union Leader in the strife ridden UK of the 1970’s 😉 you should always be ready to negotiate when you are thinking of buying a house for sale in Spain. (He didn’t actually mention houses for sale in Spain but you get what I mean) Prices are generally flexible on most properties but remember that sometimes you have to do that negotiation with a bank because the owner owes as much as they are asking for the property. Even, and possibly especially, bank repossessions are negotiable because the banks have been told by the Spanish central bank to get rid of some of their outstanding stock.