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190000 Euros in the City or the Country?

I have had two really good deals passed onto me in the last couple of weeks but they are chalk and cheese as to what your money will get you. So the question is do you want a large city apartment overlooking a church or a huge country house overlooking rolling orange groves. It’s a really difficult choice for most people who are not clear on their requirements but for those with a laser targetted focus there is really no choice. If you want a city pad then that is what you want and if you want lots of outside space and a pool then a city pad is not an option.

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What is Valencia?

Valencia is many things to many people; the traditional dress of the Fallas, the stunning modern architecture, the old mixing it with the new, paella, horchata, fireworks and a whole lot more. The hidden jewel of the Mediterranean is just that, well hidden away from the throngs of Stag Party goers cruising up and down the Ramblas in Barcelona, the Hemingway hunters in Madrid, (How many places did Hemingway actually sleep or get royally drunk in really?) and the drunken hordes of the Costas.