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Dual Family Homes in Valencia

We are getting a lot of enquiries recently from clients wanting homes that will allow their extended family to live there comfortably, dual family homes. The ideal in this scenario is a two level house with the two floors being independent of each other, but we are also being asked for two properties on one plot and two apartments next to each other or even larger apartments that have been merged into one. As Valencia Property finders this gets us looking as we think this is becoming a trend

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Our First Auction (Sort of)

We have a client who wants to sell his property in Serra because he has his eye on a place in the UK and doesn’t want to lose it. Therefore he has come up with a novel idea for selling his property in Serra, novel for this area of Spain anyway. He is placing a minimum price on the property and inviting offers on it. The best offer taken by the 17th of October will get the property, as long as the buyer is able to complete very quickly after that date ie nobody who needs to sell their place beforehand or who is saying “if” I get a mortgage.