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Luxury Lockdown Properties in Valencia

After writing a few days ago about lockdown properties in Valencia for all price ranges and starting with the 50-300k brackets, today we are looking at your options for lockdown properties at higher price ranges. We are going to start just under the 300k threshold as an owner has just sent us some lovely new photos of his place in Serra and then we will move onto higher price ranges and show you what your money can buy for you both inside and outside the city.

Valencia Property

112 Reasons To Move to Valencia – The Best Lifestyle Design For You

There are many reasons that a person decides to settle in a place to live. Family ties, inertia and work are three of the obvious ones. However over recent years Lifestyle Design has become much more important. As we become more mobile and the world is shrunk by better communications in terms of both the internet and transport connections we have greater choice in life. If you are able to make a choice and are not tied down to your traditional hometown or a life driven by work and commuting why would you choose Valencia? Well, we have put together a not so short list for you. Let’s present, just for you, 112 Reasons to move to Valencia.

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Our First Auction (Sort of)

We have a client who wants to sell his property in Serra because he has his eye on a place in the UK and doesn’t want to lose it. Therefore he has come up with a novel idea for selling his property in Serra, novel for this area of Spain anyway. He is placing a minimum price on the property and inviting offers on it. The best offer taken by the 17th of October will get the property, as long as the buyer is able to complete very quickly after that date ie nobody who needs to sell their place beforehand or who is saying “if” I get a mortgage.