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Spain Is Different 16 – What Makes The Spanish So Spanish

I realeased Spain is Different 16 a week and a half ago but didn’t put it onto the site, I was a tad overwhelmed with work. So here it is in its full glory featuring stories about:

1) The European Kids Association
2) Why Facebook Discussions Rock (A discussion about why Spain is a great place to live still despite everything)
3) How to Avoid Chicken Pox Spanish Style

Is Spain Different, Lifestyle In Spain

Spain Is Different Issue 14 Is Out – Controversial But Essential

Spain is Different Issue 14 has a bit of a theme about it. Simply put it has a shocking title but it has been a bit of a shocking week in Spain. We had a general strike, a budget and an amazing story (If true) about prostitutes and bankers in Madrid. So let’s have a look at what you get in Spain is Different 14.

1) Prostitutes, bankers and blackmail in the news
2) Saving the Olive Trees
3) Saving the Heart and Soul of Spain

Is Spain Different, Lifestyle In Spain

You Might Have Missed This, Spain is Different 6

If you are not following me on Twitter @grahunt, following the Facebook page for Valencia Property, or on one of my lists, you can sign up for getting the Spain is Different magazine on this page, then you may have missed issue six of Spain is Different.

Take a look at the latest issue with stories about the World’s first foldable electric car (Made in Spain), all about visiting a world of silence and darkness at the caves in Castellón, a guest post about why you should get a survey done on a property in Spain, skiing in the Pyrenees, one town coping with a huge wodge of cash coming in thanks to the lottery (Apart from one guy), barlife in Granada, a hint of corruption, the story of a Facebook page with 72000 people on it disappearing and more including me really annoying a Flamenco dancer by suggesting that Flamenco does not equal Spain.

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Spain Is Different Issue 3. You Are Going To Like This

The latest issue of Spain is Different Magazine is now out. Including stories about a 24 metre statue of a Megalomaniac standing outside an airport with no planes, how the USA bullied Spain into it’s new internet law, lots of only in Spain stories, 5 Spanish Start up companies that may do really well this year and our latest editorial about how you can help Spain become more dynamic.

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Spain is Different Magazine Issue 2

Last week I put out a new magazine of curated content all about Spain. Read all about it here on the Spain is Different page of the site. The second issue is now out so you can keep up to date with what is going on in Spain. Those who have subscribed get it before everybody else so take a look at the Spain is Different page and sign up to get first notice.

Meanwhile therefore you might want to know what you can read about this week in the Spain is Different magazine. Well it includes stories about:

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The New Kindle Fire, Sponsoring a Child and a Good Meal Out

In 2011 we gave an iPad away to all people who bought a property from Valencia Property, except to those who already had one. Next year we have decided to change the offer. In view of the fact that Valencia now has its own Apple Store (On the corner of Calle Colón and Calle Lauria in the centre in case you didn’t know) you can now get there to get your own iPad and enjoy the experience of buying and using it. This year the change of offer involves three things.