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10 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day In Spain

On my personal site www.grahamhunt.co we recently posted a blog about ten things you should be doing every day in Spain. You can see it at the link. However we have also recorded it using Auphonic, loaded it onto our Soundcloud page and placed it into Youtube too. You can also listen to it below. So if you prefer listening to reading then take a listen below and take to heart the ten things you should be doing every day in Spain.

Lifestyle In Spain

The 17 Worst Things About Living in Spain

It’s time to put on the sarcasm font and start “complaining” about living in Spain. Lots of people complain about living in Spain, just look at any online forum, but let’s give them a platform for their complaints here should we as only forum owners and their invented six alter egos read forums these days. So for all of you out there who over the years have complained loudly, repeatedly and in the echoey chamber that is an internet forum let’s give you a voice. The 17 worst things about living in Spain:

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The Importance of Living Near Facilities in Valencia Property

One of the major things that people come over to Spain for is the Spanish lifestyle. What is it that actually constitutes the Spanish lifestyle though? Is it the cafe society of being able to sit outside a bar in a pavement cafe with a “cafe con leche” or a “caña” while watching the World go by and doing some serious people watching? Is it the laid back attitude to life and the constant surprise of yet another local holiday due to the fiesta of some unknown saint in the rest of the country? Is it the chance to relax in the sun or even the ability to go into work every day in the sun giving people a more positive attitude to their work when they get there?

Lifestyle In Spain

A Question For You About Living In Spain

I have a question for you if you are already living in Spain or if you are thinking of moving to Spain. Spain isn’t for everyone but for those who are here I would really like to know what you find great about living in Spain and which part of Spain you are in and also if you are thinking of coming to Spain what are you really looking forward to? Which part of Spain will you be coming to?

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Feeling Awkward in Spain? Taking Photos and Videos

Today we have a guest post from Morten who writes for Javea Amigos. He has published this on Expat Forum but he said that we could use it as I thought that my readers might like it a lot. I did. It gets you thinking about different attitudes to life. I have also aded a photo here taken at my daughter’s concert last week. It is like a Canon convention, so different to the attitudes prevalent in many schools in the UK. Anyway, read on about Morten’s toe curling awkwardness! (Oh and you must read about bull football!)

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The Guardian’s Special Report About Spain

When you are thinking of buying a house for sale in Spain I have always insisted that it is important to know what you are getting yourself in for as regards the country as well as the particular house or area you want to move to. This is why this site talks about much more than just property for sale in Spain and I suggest you follow our Facebook page, our Houses for sale in Spain news page and more in order to get to know much more about the country you are thinking of moving to.

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100 Tips For Moving To Spain: Nº43 For Couples

Tip number 43 of our 100 tips for people moving to Spain is about couples.

No this is not a swingers’ post but it is about couples and when they are planning the move to Spain. I have seen it all too often, one partner wants the move and the other is being dragged kicking and screaming into it. Both parts of a couple need to be interested and enthusiastic about the move to Spain. If not then disaster will inevitably happen usually in the form of a divorce, separation or constant arguments.

Lifestyle In Spain

Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools

This book was so good I really regret the month I spent not being able to read it from when my copy arrived. See my video post about it below but really just go to the Amazon link and buy it. The highlights for me are the anecdotes about the jellyfish sting, the snake and the whole saga of the chickens. This is one of the few books I have read recently that has actually made me chuckle out loud and the recipe interludes are inspired.

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Living in Spain With The Kids – Sports and Culture

We have talked on these pages before about education in Spain and what to look out for so that the kids feel at home. What we haven’t talked about is how to integrate the kids into the local community in the best way. Believe it or not this is easy because kids in general are so garroulous and adaptable they will fit in anywhere. However Spain has made it easier for kids to fit in by having loads of places they can go and do stuff.