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Putting Together A Portfolio For Residency In Spain

If you are from outside the EU you now have the possibility of getting residency in Spain at a cost of anything over 500,000 Euros, the minimum spend required, mortgage free, in order to apply for residency which will be granted automatically. Over on the Spanish Residency Site we have detailed the requirements for getting residency if you are not an EU citizen and you can see that post here.

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Spanish Property Magazine 2013 First Issue Out Now

The first Spanish Property Magazine for iPad of 2013 is now up in the app store for download. Subscribers should have it already pushed to their devices.

Included this month are articles about the reaction to the government’s proposal to allow residency for anyone spending over 160k, an overview of what 2013 may hold in the Spanish Property Market and a look at the changes in taxes and costs of purchase in Spain, how Spain is benefitting from World events and the second part of both Nick Snelling’s overview of the modern history of Spain and the Estate Agent Nightmares series

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Spanish Property Magazine Issue 3 Out Now

Apple has approved the third issue of the Spanish Property Magazine and you can now go and pick up your copy after downloading the app from itunes.

In this issue we look at how to live on a rock in two ways. Firstly a rock in the Atlantic, or a collection of rocks known as the Canary Islands and secondly a Rock tagged onto the Iberian Peninsula, the Campo de Gibraltar. We also take a look at the new residency requirements in an extremely important article by Lisa Sadleir and have a study of how low the banks can go and what makes up the new “Bad Bank” in Spain

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Getting a Residency in Spain

Spain changed the residency system a couple of years ago. Previously you got a nice little card which fit in your wallet or purse and you could just flash it in shops or when in official situations. Now though you are given an A4 piece of paper that you are not supposed to fold or laminate and you are supposed to carry round your passport at all times too, right like that is going to happen