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Last Chance Saloon For The Spanish Golden Visa

It has been an interesting week here in Valencia. We have never before had so many initial client meetings both in person and via Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp video calls. Monday was mad with just too many coffees in the five client meetings that we had for onboarding people into our service. We also finished the week with four sales agreed (from other clients onboarded some time ago) and a couple of signings completed in notary.

Now on these pages before many years ago we called last chance saloon for pensioners before Brexit and got a flood of clients. I wonder if calling the last chance saloon for Golden Visa applications might lead to the same response from people planning to take advantage of the Spanish Golden Visa. And why do we say this? Well, simply put, that’s the way things are heading and the general direction of travel.

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The Valencia Property Autumn 2022 Report

We are getting lots of requests from people at the moment asking us similar questions but one of the most repeated is “What’s happening in the market?” We talked about this in our latest podcast, which you can listen to here, but today we thought it would be an idea to give you even more information about what is happening in the market, what’s happening about the offers, the mortgages, the way we are working and getting everything ready for your Valencia Property purchase. 

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Who Is Selling Property In Valencia?

I was asked this question by a future client (We hope) over on Twitter. They wanted to know more about the current market conditions in Valencia after I said that supply was tight, really tight. The questions why, and who is selling came to mind so I thought it was time to have a little answer of those questions for everyone and also look behind the answers at the market and reasons why. As I said supply is tight but it’s still possible to find people selling property although summer tightens supply considerably.

Meanwhile we will also feature a few of our latest listings and our latest Golden Visa property of the week.

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The Valencia Property Market Has Gone Mad

I wrote something on Facebook last night about what is happening in the Valencia Property market and I promised to expand on why I think this is happening.

Let’s get the caveats out of the way. We are sure to be called liars and typical agents talking up the market and stuff but, as Rafa Benitez once said, here are some facts:

Today we tried to arrange some visits for a client for Friday. Out of the ten properties we wanted to see five have sold in the last week. All have deposits left on them and mostly at asking price!

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The Continuing Resilience Of the Valencia Property Market

We are living in strange times as you know. Covid19 continues to dominate everyone’s waking thoughts and many places are being placed into further restrictions and local lockdowns.

Valencia currently has very low transmission rates of Covid and there are no restrictions in place at the moment. There are hyper local breakouts of the infection which are generally tracked and traced quickly. Because of this life goes on pretty much normally here except that everybody, and I mean everybody, wears a mask and when you walk into a shop or public enclosed space there is hand sanitiser available.