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The Most Requested Features in Valencia Property

About a year and a half ago we put up a post called the First Step to Buying Valencia Property. In it we included a form (You should fill it in by the way, I’ve included it below) where we asked for your must haves, would likes and definitely must not haves. I think it has been our most useful post ever on the site as it gets people thinking about what they really want when they are looking to buy property in Valencia and we get more of an idea of what people really want before they come over.

Since we published it, hundreds of people have filled in the form and therefore we have a lot of data regarding people’s requirements and we are able to present today an overview of what people are looking for when they look to buy a Valencia Property.

Valencia Property

Learning The Valencia Property Lingo

When you go to another country to live obviously you need to learn the lingo sooner or later, it’s better sooner so get onto it straight away. Having lived here in Valencia for years all of us here at Valencia Property speak Spanish fluently, some with more of an accent than others of course, and one of the things we understand more than anything is the lingo of the Valencia Property purchase.

Today, therefore we are going to help you to navigate your way around the language that you may hear when visiting Valencia Property. Owners and agents can be a bit mad and they will say all sorts of rubbish just to avoid an awkward silence or pause in the conversation. Suffice to say that you can basically prepare a bingo card to play along with as you visit properties with these sayings from owners and agents that you get to hear very often.

Valencia Property, Valencia Property for sale

Please Rescue This Apartment in Valencia

Sometimes you find an apartment so you just cannot sell so it gets ignored and never gets onto the site. Why might one not be able to sell it, price, location, construction quality… any number of reasons really. However, sometimes you get to see a property and you think “What a shame!” It has been ignored, underdeveloped, left to get dirty and generally unappreciated. Guess which category this falls into?

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A Few Bargain Valencia Properties Down in Price

Here are a few Valencia Properties for sale that have been reduced in price recently. There are reasons why these are especially good value. But you will need to ask me why.

Anyway the first property in Villamarchante has been reduced to 158000 Euros for a very quick sale. We have had it for sale at a higher price for some time but there was an issue with the electricity company having taken out the meter.

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What’s New On Valencia Property This Week

This has been an enormously busy week. Lots of clients coming into the region looking for property and many new properties up for sale and rent. So here are a few of the new properties on the site and the links back to them to see all of the photos.

Firstly another property in La Pobla De Vallbona with the huge advantage of living a few doors away from me ;-).

Houses For Sale In Spain

Another Great Attic Flat In Valencia For Sale (Actually two)

I have been busy traipsing around Valencia looking for potential properties for clients this week, hey somebody has to do it and Valencia is so nice to look at of course. This week however it got a bit warm and I got a blister too from tramping the streets. I know you feel sorry for me 😉

So anyway I have picked up two really great attic flats this week although to look on the main Valencia Property site you wouldn’t think so because I only have photos of one of them so far, (The owner didn’t want me to take pictures he said he would send me some but I am still waiting)

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Finally a Quiet Week

I guess I shouldn’t be celebrating of course as without clients it is difficult to make sales but this week is no looking too busy for a change. Therefore if you are thinking of coming to see some property in Valencia I can fit you in most days this week. Here is just a quick selection of some things that have become available in the last couple of weeks at decent prices.

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Great Investment Property For Sale In Spain

This huge 270m2 house for sale in the town of Betera is an opportunity for someone to buy as an investment because there are two ways to buy this but you have to be quick.

The normal way is at the normal price of 270000 Euros (ONO) You get a six bedroom house on four floors, with garage, bodega, large kitchen, two living rooms and a large terrace with views towards the mountains. It is in the centre of town with all facilities to hand.

Houses For Sale In Spain, Spanish Property For Sale, Valencia Property, Valencia Property for sale

In These Times Great Bargains Appear Suddenly

About seven years ago we sold a property to a client for around 200k Euros. The property has 8000m2 of land and has two houses and is situated near to Lliria.

Last week I noticed it was for sale through another agent at 199k. I got in touch and found that it had been reduced from 260k recently and was considered to be a great bargain now as it lies just twenty minutes from Valencia and relatively near to town

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So This Is What I Took Clients To See Today

I was out today showing clients around a selection of houses that will suit anyone wanting to set up either a rental business or a place for putting on conferences, retreats or anything of that sort. Have a look at the photos and then get yourself over to http://www.valencia-property.com and have a longer peruse around.