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Cash Buyers and Mortgages in Valencia

Sometimes we get an enquiry which states, “I’m a cash buyer so will I be able to get a discount?” (A fair question) Or at times “I’m a cash buyer so I’ll be expecting a deep discount on any property I buy!” (An entitled person who doesn’t understand how things work and wonders why they have so few friends) Can you guess which kind of client we prefer? The latter can go elsewhere because that’s not the reality of the market currently. The former we can work with and hopefully get them a discount on the property for quick completion but there is a universal truth here which both are missing.

For the seller everyone is a cash buyer.

Valencia Property

Why Square Metres Matter More Than Bedrooms

When people are looking for a property in Valencia or Spain they send us their requirements and this will always include the number of bedrooms “I want at least two bedrooms”, “I must have three bedrooms and two bathrooms” etc… Nobody ever seems to say “I need at least 100m2” for example without mentioning the number of bedrooms. In Spanish property though the number of metres squared (From hereon in referred to as m2) is usually more important. Today we are looking at why.

Also today we are going back to look at the posts you may have missed recently but that are essential reading, or even listening, before making your move to Valencia. And we are doing this because last week we were mostly off. Valencia had the Fallas fiestas and we took some time away as it’s impossible to work during Fallas.

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The Valencia Property Autumn 2022 Report

We are getting lots of requests from people at the moment asking us similar questions but one of the most repeated is “What’s happening in the market?” We talked about this in our latest podcast, which you can listen to here, but today we thought it would be an idea to give you even more information about what is happening in the market, what’s happening about the offers, the mortgages, the way we are working and getting everything ready for your Valencia Property purchase. 

Valencia Property

December 2021 in Valencia Property Land

Normally you get articles on Mondays but today is a Tuesday post because it was my birthday yesterday and I decided to do no work. Now the truth is that December will mean not doing anything on many days because that is what happens in December in Spain. In this post we will tell you about the latest news from Valencia in terms of property, mortgages and inevitably, and unfortunately, Covid, news about holidays this month and our Golden Visa Property of the week too. We will also talk about illegality. Enjoy.

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The Full Process of Getting a Mortgage in Spain

We have been asked many times about the process of getting a mortgage in Spain. Whether that is in regard to Valencia or any other parts of Spain it’s essentially a standard process. However, it may not be like the process of applying for and getting a mortgage in other countries so today we are looking at the process of getting a Spanish mortgage from start to finish.

Valencia Property

News, Mortgages and the Latest Valencia Properties

We completed our first sale of the year today at the notary and also took a client to a second visit of a property they are very interested in up in Naquera. This week has also included the acceptance of an offer for a place in Valencia City for our highest ever sale price in the city.

We currently have three sets of clients here looking for the Spanish Golden Visa and their ticket into the Schengen area through purchase of property in Spain, one American couple, one Australian and our first British clients taking this route to maintain their freedom of movement (They didn’t previously need it of course)