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The Valencia Community Coastline Towns Worth Investigating (Part Two)

Last week we talked about the places we thought that were worth looking at (And also Oropesa) to the North of Valencia. Today we go down the coast from Valencia towards and into Alicante to show you places you should be investigating if you are interested in living near the best beaches in Valencia.

As we mentioned last week the majority of our clients want to live in or around Valencia but that doesn’t mean if you want to live elsewhere we cannot give you the best service possible. Our tentacles reach out both up and down the coast despite our focus being the city of Valencia itself and the areas around it.

Valencia Property

The Valencia Community Coastline Towns Worth Investigating (Part One)

Despite the majority of our clients looking to live in Valencia City or in Inland Valencia towns where you can get a great lifestyle (Yes, we have a post about that which many people think is one of the best guides to the towns around Valencia city) we also get requests for properties with “sea views” or their location being right near the sea. In Valencia City that means you are limited to a few roads in the Cabanyal, Malvarrosa and the Patacona areas with a shout out to El Saler to the South of the city on the Albufera lake. In El Saler, if you are lucky, you’ll get sea views to one side and lake views to the other, but apart from that there’s not much availability of close up sea views. Valencia is flat after all so you may be just a few streets away from the sea but if the building behind you is just as high as yours then your sea view is blocked.

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How to Work With Valencia Property

We keep getting more and more requests to help people with their purchase of Valencia Property. There has been a large uptick in requests in the last two weeks since we published our articles about the rental crisis in Valencia and the new digital nomad visa in Spain. It’s really gratifying to see so many people trusting us with their most important purchase in Spain. As the most experienced, twenty years plus and counting, and trusted (see our reviews) estate agency in the area we take this responsibility towards our potential clients seriously and continue to build relationships with them right from the start of their Valencia Property journey.

Valencia Property

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa Has Arrived

We have been waiting all year for Spain’s Digital Nomad visa to see the light of day and to look into the details as we have a list of potential clients looking to move from certain other countries which might be basket cases at the moment (Yes, once again the UK we are looking at you) and wanting to come to Spain on the new Spanish Digital Nomad Visa.

Now the Digital Nomad Visa is part of a package of measures in Spain’s new start up law and finally this week the government announced the details of that law and today we are looking into what it means for those of you looking to come to Spain on the new digital nomad visa. There are couple of details still to be ironed out (We will update this post as and when those details come out) but following is what we know up to now.

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The Rental Crisis In Valencia

We offer a rental service among our many services and we get many clients wanting to rent a property in Valencia before buying their final Valencia Property. However, we are currently not taking any new clients for the rental service as Valencia has a rental crisis at the moment in the same way that many other cities and countries do.

Whether it’s pandemic driven, greed driven or for any other reason Valencia finds itself in a rental crisis and this is a problem for both the local population and for anyone looking to move to Valencia for medium or long term living. We cannot charge for a service when we cannot guarantee that we will get a positive result.

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The Best Neighbourhoods in Valencia

We recently listed a property in Benimaclet and described it somewhat controversially as the best neighbourhood in Valencia. The author of the listing will now be called to account at our next meeting sometime in the dim and distant future and if they can’t justify that description they will be summararily executed of course. However, some people agree that Benimaclet is the best, or at least one of the best, neighbourhoods in Valencia, even though it is largely overlooked.

Today though we thought we would look at the candidates for that title, why they are popular, who they are popular for and where they are in the city so that you get more of an idea of the layout of Valencia and what surprises may lie in store for you around every corner.

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The Most Popular Content on the Valencia Property Website

Sometimes we realise that there are certain things that people want to read or hear more about even though there may be other things which are actually more useful. For example it’s always useful to know more in depth details about current mortgage rates and offers but those posts will never get as many views as those which recommend restaurants for example. Our blog is here to cover all of the angles in order to give the most comprehensive information about everything. Nevertheless, it’s quite useful for us to know what is popular in order to keep people coming back to the site again and again.

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Recommendations For Eating Out in Valencia

A few years ago we recommended a lot of places to eat out in Valencia, you can see that article here. We crowdsourced the information from our clients about what their favourite places were and many people found it extremely useful for finding new places to eat out. Then Covid came along and things changed. So it’s time for an update to our current favourite places. We chatted about this in the last podcast which you can listen to here but today we will give you more information, links to the restaurants and a few other places that we also like.

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How To Get a Good Tenant For Your Spanish Property

For any number of reasons you may have a Spanish property that you are currently not occupying and you may want to rent it out short, medium or long term. However many properties remain empty when not being used by the owner as it may be impossible to get a licence for short term rentals, there remains the sad fact that some owners fear tenants who overstay their contracted time period or fail to pay the rent, or sometimes the owner just can’t be bothered with all of the potential problems and hassle that may come up with a rental when compared with leaving a house or apartment empty.

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The Valencia Property Autumn 2022 Report

We are getting lots of requests from people at the moment asking us similar questions but one of the most repeated is “What’s happening in the market?” We talked about this in our latest podcast, which you can listen to here, but today we thought it would be an idea to give you even more information about what is happening in the market, what’s happening about the offers, the mortgages, the way we are working and getting everything ready for your Valencia Property purchase. 

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The Most Requested Features in Valencia Property

About a year and a half ago we put up a post called the First Step to Buying Valencia Property. In it we included a form (You should fill it in by the way, I’ve included it below) where we asked for your must haves, would likes and definitely must not haves. I think it has been our most useful post ever on the site as it gets people thinking about what they really want when they are looking to buy property in Valencia and we get more of an idea of what people really want before they come over.

Since we published it, hundreds of people have filled in the form and therefore we have a lot of data regarding people’s requirements and we are able to present today an overview of what people are looking for when they look to buy a Valencia Property.

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Learning The Valencia Property Lingo

When you go to another country to live obviously you need to learn the lingo sooner or later, it’s better sooner so get onto it straight away. Having lived here in Valencia for years all of us here at Valencia Property speak Spanish fluently, some with more of an accent than others of course, and one of the things we understand more than anything is the lingo of the Valencia Property purchase.

Today, therefore we are going to help you to navigate your way around the language that you may hear when visiting Valencia Property. Owners and agents can be a bit mad and they will say all sorts of rubbish just to avoid an awkward silence or pause in the conversation. Suffice to say that you can basically prepare a bingo card to play along with as you visit properties with these sayings from owners and agents that you get to hear very often.

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The Valencia Property Summer is Coming to an End

As you may have noticed there has been no movement on the blog in the last month. That’s because just like everyone else in Spain we essentially stopped for the summer. Our colleague Paul was around as his significant other likes working in August so he goes away at other times and he gave a great service to the few clients around while also listing some properties on our main site, you can see them on the Valencia Property homepage.

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the blog every week and bringing out a new podcast episode which is already partially written and we may be updating the main site in a big way but one that you may not notice for a time.

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The Big Red Flags For Property Buyers

Here at Valencia Property we like to feel that we help to make the buying process as painless as possible for our clients looking to purchase property here. We prepare things, talk with our clients before their visit and answer as many questions as they may come up with in order to get them prepared then work hand in hand with them to a successful conclusion. We generally avoid the major problems that can come up when buying a Spanish property but now and again we are faced with situations that require experience and advice and this week we had one of those situations. Let’s take a look at that one and then tell you about the others that you should keep an eye out for when buying in Valencia or even when buying Spanish Property in general.

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The Market and The Weather Are Hot Hot Hot

Summer has arrived in Valencia with the accompanying heat both of the weather and the property market. The hot weather, well, the truth is we expect it in Spain but maybe not when it’s this hot. Equally, the market we often describe as hot in the summer but maybe not this hot. Even though banks are starting to raise interest rates bit by bit to try and make more money from the current situation in the market, they have just announced record quarterly profits too, buyers are still buying and many are still quite happy to apply for a mortgage even though interest rates are 1% higher than a month or so ago. So in this post we are going to look at the heat of the market and the weather and how to keep cool in both of them.

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How Much Do Property Sellers Have to Pay in Spain

One of the strange things that always seems to confuse people is that at Valencia Property we work for the buyer. Our role of the buyer’s agent isn’t understood completely by everyone outside of the United States but we have built a business based on that model over the last twenty years and it is starting to be understood here too. However, that doesn’t mean our advice is limited to what we explain to our clients, the buyers, at times we have to advise the sellers on what they need to do, get prepared for and finally pay when they sell. So just in case you are a seller, in this article we are going to look at your responsibilities, what you need to provide and what you need to pay when selling your house in Valencia or Spain.

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The Best Laid Plans, Covid 19 and a Summer Quiz

This week there wasn’t supposed to be a blog post. The writer of these posts, that’ll be me, Graham, was supposed to be away lapping up the cool, cloudy weather of Asturias in Northern Spain, eating too much, pouring cider from a great height and generally swithching off. However, despite what many people think Covid is still around and it’s back big time in Spain this week. It probably got brought back to my house last week from my wife’s school and Covid in its infinite wisdom decided to hit the whole family at once, meaning that we didn’t have to self isolate in a room at home at least.

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Comparing Living in Valencia, the UK or the USA in the Year 2SC

Many years ago, back in the dim and distant past of 2017, in the before days, I wrote an article on this blog about the fact that we are not “lucky” to be living in Valencia or Spain but we have planned it and it’s all part of Lifestyle Design, you can read it here. Today I want to expand a little on that blog post and emphasise what a good decision coming to Valencia was and still coming to Valencia can be for you. Let’s call today the year 2AC (After Covid) And yes I know Covid is still around and causing major misery to people all around the World so maybe better to call it 2SC (Since Covid) In 2SC the consequences of the Pandemic and mad decisions made in 2016 are coming home to roost around the World but today we are going to compare Valencia with two places that made especially mad decisions in 2016, the UK and the USA.

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The Ten Most Common Questions About Valencia Property

We take a lot of people out to see Valencia Property and when we do we field a host of questions from the most obvious “Where are we now?” to the left field questions such as “Why has that cat not got a collar?” Now we can always answer the first but the cat question… When you are looking at property with us you will also have questions and some of them will be left field but they are all usually valid questions when you don’t know a place too well. However, if you have that question then it’s almost certain that somebody else has asked us the question beforehand and also the answer will interest other people. Therefore today we are looking at the most common questions people ask. We will put the answers in here too so that when you visit you don’t have to ask these questions and we can concentrate more on more granular issues such as speculating on the cat’s collar.