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The Market and The Weather Are Hot Hot Hot

Summer has arrived in Valencia with the accompanying heat both of the weather and the property market. The hot weather, well, the truth is we expect it in Spain but maybe not when it’s this hot. Equally, the market we often describe as hot in the summer but maybe not this hot. Even though banks are starting to raise interest rates bit by bit to try and make more money from the current situation in the market, they have just announced record quarterly profits too, buyers are still buying and many are still quite happy to apply for a mortgage even though interest rates are 1% higher than a month or so ago. So in this post we are going to look at the heat of the market and the weather and how to keep cool in both of them.

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Autumn Has Arrived in Valencia

Temperatures have stayed high in Spain until the last few days. The summer took time to warm up but stayed a long time this year. For the first time last night in a long time I heard the soothing sound of rain on the roof as I drifted off to sleep. So what does this mean for anyone coming to look for a property for sale in Valencia?