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Valencia Region Sales To Foreigners For 2013

It is a well known fact that sales of property in Spain are at historically low figures at the moment when compared with other years. However the figures themselves are skewed somewhat by the fact that they do not tend to distinguish between the diminished internal demand (due to lack of credit and the ongoing crisis meaning that Spain has effectively been in a crushing recession since 2007) and the soaring international demand for Spanish property that has now reached or even exceded 2007 levels in many areas due to the low prices, favourable exchange rate and the fact that many other countries are now exiting their own recessions.

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Putting Together A Portfolio For Residency In Spain

If you are from outside the EU you now have the possibility of getting residency in Spain at a cost of anything over 500,000 Euros, the minimum spend required, mortgage free, in order to apply for residency which will be granted automatically. Over on the Spanish Residency Site we have detailed the requirements for getting residency if you are not an EU citizen and you can see that post here.

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Valencia City Area Guide By Whiteboard

I thought I would do a bit of a whiteboard explanation of where in Valencia City it is good to buy property and why. I put it in black and white because it’s a whiteboard right?

So in the video I explain the difference between Ruzafa and Ensanche, talk about the Cabanyal and Malvarrosa and the bit you need to avoid and also the different central areas of Valencia. I also eviscerate the area around Avenida de Francia… a bit.