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Spanish Property Magazine 2013 First Issue Out Now

The first Spanish Property Magazine for iPad of 2013 is now up in the app store for download. Subscribers should have it already pushed to their devices.

Included this month are articles about the reaction to the government’s proposal to allow residency for anyone spending over 160k, an overview of what 2013 may hold in the Spanish Property Market and a look at the changes in taxes and costs of purchase in Spain, how Spain is benefitting from World events and the second part of both Nick Snelling’s overview of the modern history of Spain and the Estate Agent Nightmares series

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The Fifth Spanish Property Magazine For iPad Is Out.The Biggest And Best Yet

It took Apple a long time to approve this time, it seems that they don’t rest on the eighth day though and finally Spanish Property Magazine issue 5 was approved and is now in the app store. This is the longest issue yet with an extra special on the Spanish Road Trip following on from this month’s issue.

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Spanish Property Magazine Issue 3 Out Now

Apple has approved the third issue of the Spanish Property Magazine and you can now go and pick up your copy after downloading the app from itunes.

In this issue we look at how to live on a rock in two ways. Firstly a rock in the Atlantic, or a collection of rocks known as the Canary Islands and secondly a Rock tagged onto the Iberian Peninsula, the Campo de Gibraltar. We also take a look at the new residency requirements in an extremely important article by Lisa Sadleir and have a study of how low the banks can go and what makes up the new “Bad Bank” in Spain

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Spain Is Different Issue 18 – Mentions Bucharest Too

“It’s Bucharest Stupid” and a load of other stories from the last two weeks in Spain. Follow the Athletic Bilbao fans on their odyssey around Europe and find out why it doesn’t pay to get a geographical illiterate to plan your trip of a lifetime. Stories this week include

1) Black Economy news
2) Why Spain WILL leave the Euro (According to one economist)?
3) The robot fish sniffing out pollution in Asturias
4) Social Media in the Canary Islands

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You Might Have Missed This, Spain is Different 6

If you are not following me on Twitter @grahunt, following the Facebook page for Valencia Property, or on one of my lists, you can sign up for getting the Spain is Different magazine on this page, then you may have missed issue six of Spain is Different.

Take a look at the latest issue with stories about the World’s first foldable electric car (Made in Spain), all about visiting a world of silence and darkness at the caves in Castell√≥n, a guest post about why you should get a survey done on a property in Spain, skiing in the Pyrenees, one town coping with a huge wodge of cash coming in thanks to the lottery (Apart from one guy), barlife in Granada, a hint of corruption, the story of a Facebook page with 72000 people on it disappearing and more including me really annoying a Flamenco dancer by suggesting that Flamenco does not equal Spain.

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Spain is Different For The Fifth Time

I have released the latest issue of the Spain is Different Magazine to subscribers. Two problems came up. It was due to go out last night but I timed it wrong and that is a good job too because, secondly, I put the wrong link in too! So rather than reading about another way to make a tortilla, the vintage train in Mallorca, Mourinho and Madrid and a match made in hell, money saving tips from Maxine Raynor, short snippets of Spanish oddities, economic news, and an editorial about the battle for the soul of Spain people were reading about an attic flat in Valencia! Mea culpa.

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Our First Auction (Sort of)

We have a client who wants to sell his property in Serra because he has his eye on a place in the UK and doesn’t want to lose it. Therefore he has come up with a novel idea for selling his property in Serra, novel for this area of Spain anyway. He is placing a minimum price on the property and inviting offers on it. The best offer taken by the 17th of October will get the property, as long as the buyer is able to complete very quickly after that date ie nobody who needs to sell their place beforehand or who is saying “if” I get a mortgage.

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Visiting Valencia, Where to Stay? The Options

Valencia has had the no vacancies signs out for a few weeks now. I have been told by lots of clients that they have had major problems booking accommodation for when they are visiting Valencia to look at properties. Firstly there was the Formula One, next weekend is Campus Party, the summer is full of events from Iggy Pop last night through to Seal, the Jazz Festival, the midnight beachside firework displays, the Champions’ Tour showjumping, ATP tennis etc… (And that is a long etcetera)

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The Wow Factor in Spanish Property

Many people talk about the wow factor when they are thinking of buying a property in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter. What constitutes the wow factor though? I think you need a few examples.

Firstly, it is views that count. I have attached a couple of photos of a property for sale in Gilet and a property for sale in Olocau. Both get the wow factor for the views and both have made the best use of them by incorporating lot of glass into the design so that your eyes are constantly drawn to the views. The house in Gilet sees the sun come up over the Mediterranean actually giving you a good reason to get up before dawn.

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Been Away A Week and Now It Is Ready

For the longest time now I have been wanting to change the look of the Valencia Property website and hadn’t got round to it for various reasons, cost, time, motivation, work you know? the normal excuses. Well since the summer I have been working with Steve Williams on a new look for the site and it is going to be presented next Wednesday hopefully for the start of December. It looks like this below.

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Great Investment Property For Sale In Spain

This huge 270m2 house for sale in the town of Betera is an opportunity for someone to buy as an investment because there are two ways to buy this but you have to be quick.

The normal way is at the normal price of 270000 Euros (ONO) You get a six bedroom house on four floors, with garage, bodega, large kitchen, two living rooms and a large terrace with views towards the mountains. It is in the centre of town with all facilities to hand.

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On Unrealistic Expectations

Just a quick post this evening. In my last post on this blog I talked about how you shouldn’t be paying black money because of the tax implications, never mind the legal implications. However today I went to see a property and was tol by the owner that they wanted 60000 Euros in B not declared on the deeds of any sale. My actual response was, after stopping laughing, to say “Dream on!”

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Why An Attic Flat In Valencia Sells In 4 Hours

The comparison is Hen’s teeth. Finding an attic in Valencia with good outside space, not overlooked, with great views and the opportunity to create extra living space for at least six months of the year comes up rarely. Luckily I have a lot of clients who are looking for this and therefore I go out and find them for people. This means that when you come to look for an attic in Valencia I usually have some available. However, what about the headline. How does an attic sell in four hours?

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The Latest Superb Video From TurisValencia

The Valencian tourist board do one thing very well, video. In the past they have put together some excellent promotional videos for the city and you can see them at their YouTube channel here. Now they have teamed up (No pun intended) with Valencia football club to present the city to you through the eyes of some of the footballers from Valencia. Check out the sights and sounds of Valencia as they take you around the city and its iconic places.

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How A Couple of Junkies Can Torpedo A Sale

City life is the same the World over. There are marvellous things and there are things that anyone would be sad to see. Think about begging on the streets, people rummaging in bins, and junkies shooting up in public. Now I know that New York managed to clean up the city some time ago with a zero tolerance policy towards anything considered anti social although that seems to be falling apart now. Spain has a similar problem, a friend of mine has just moved out of Barcelona due to the scams, prostitutes and general feeling of the Ramblas these days, and when I went to the UK recently the same problems were evident there except without the joy of the Ramblas and Barcelona in general.