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Little Things We Miss on Lockdown in Valencia

We love living in Valencia and we want you to love it too. At the moment though events have overtaken us and we cannot even offer to take you to look at properties you may like here and we don’t even know how long the situation will last and cannot yet begin to imagine how it will affect the country of Spain, the Continent of Europe and the whole World over the next few months and years.

Valencia Property

112 Reasons To Move to Valencia – The Best Lifestyle Design For You

There are many reasons that a person decides to settle in a place to live. Family ties, inertia and work are three of the obvious ones. However over recent years Lifestyle Design has become much more important. As we become more mobile and the world is shrunk by better communications in terms of both the internet and transport connections we have greater choice in life. If you are able to make a choice and are not tied down to your traditional hometown or a life driven by work and commuting why would you choose Valencia? Well, we have put together a not so short list for you. Let’s present, just for you, 112 Reasons to move to Valencia.

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This Is Where I Work – Valencia

I was recently asked to make a quick video showing where I work and to make it a little quirky. Therefore I did and I put it on YouTube as unlisted so only the people in the group where I was asked to do it could see it. Everyone seemed to like it.

Therefore I decided today to make it a public one. This is where I work.

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Mind The Gap – Another Busy Week

The week may be a bit quiet on the site as again. Just like last week, I have a huge glut of clients. Therefore not much time to put many posts on here giving you the new properties that have been added to the site. Added into this working with “A Place In The Sun”, clients coming over and having to get them the NIE numbers in the new system and a few more media appearances being possible it looks like this week will be a tad busy.

Houses For Sale In Spain, Lifestyle In Spain, Property in Valencia., Valencia Property

The Metro and Public Transport in Valencia

When buying a property one of the things you often consider first is the communications aspect, telephone, internet, metro and bus. Valencia’s metro system is extensive and growing. Next year it will reach Ribarroja and Villamarchante which should increase more their desirability as they will become commuter belt towns which currently they only are for people who like braving the early morning traffic into the city.