Properties between 150,000 Euros and 200,000 Euros

Properties between 150,000 Euros and 200,000 Euros

Properties Available : 45

Wizard Apartment in Russafa

195,000 EUR

From time to time we get a property to list and really the photos don't really do the place justice. So with this apartment in Russafa, you have to try to look past the overflowing shelving units, past the busy kitchen, even past the life-size Gandalf stencil on the living room wall, and try to imagine how this place could look. Its on Calle Puerto Rico, very close to the Central Park. First floor exterior property with a lift...

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City Apartment in Unbeatable Location

169,000 EUR

Location, location, location. Its everything, isn't it? You can change the curtains, but you can't move the apartment, can you? This apartment is pretty much in the dead centre of Valencia, just behind the La Lonja silk market. The centre of Valencian life since the city began, pretty much. Today the central market is here, just across the street from this apartment, and a short walk down any random street will take you past bars...

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Fantastic Flat In Valencia

159,900 EUR

This recently refurbished flat has been done up to look fantastic! Just looking at the photos you can already imagine yourself living there! The flat is on the 1st floor of the building so has its own terrace which you can easily make your own, but as you can see it's been made for lovely outdoor meals in the Valencia's warm climate. With three big bedrooms and a bathroom...

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Apartment with a Golden Ticket

175,000 EUR

This apartment is towards the end of Avenida del Puerto, only 15 minutes walk from the beach, and and less than 5 from the metro stop to take you away like a Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop to anywhere else in the city you'd like to go. And fair play, its only 65m2 in size but they've managed to pack in 4 bedrooms here, 3 of them double! (Not the size its what you do with it etc, etc, bit like an Everlasting Gobstopper)...

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Almost Perfect Penthouse Apartment

159,000 EUR

Beautiful penthouse apartment in the El Carmen area of the city centre. Just metres from the riverbed parkland. An old building with classic architecture. But there is a price to pay for all that architecture. To be paid in calories. No lift in this building, that's the catch, and the apartment is on the fifth floor. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one of those ensuite. And without a door. Or 4 walls...

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Penthouse in a Spot On Location

188,500 EUR

A great penthouse in a fantastic location. The Nou Moles neighbourhood is one of those up and coming areas where you can still find some good value. This property is a 5-minute walk from the riverbed park, a 15-minute stroll to the city centre and a 2-minute amble down to the metro stop. There's a new multisport centre with a couple of swimming pools about to open literally next door as well. Recently refurbished...

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A Stones Throw

155,000 EUR

The Collins Dictionary defines the expression as; A much-maligned and hackneyed phrase used by lazy agents to describe approximation to a fashionable neighbourhood Not really, but it does sum up this location rather well if you can throw a stone 88 Metres and yes I am a Google Maps Nerd, occupational hazard and all that...

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Large Newly Renovated Apartment

185,000 EUR

We often push these newly renovated apartments as investment-for-rental places, because when you invest you want to start getting income as soon as possible. But actually, this is a big enough place that you could also consider it for yourself. 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and one hundred m2 in size. It is located in the Arrancapins district, just a little outside the city centre and an area full of metro stops, supermarkets...

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Botanical Gardens Apartment

180,000 EUR

This charming apartment is within a couple of hundred metres of the botanical gardens and the extensive riverbed parklands. That theme of nature and light has been brought into the apartment too, with exposed beams, brickwork and green shades throughout. It's on the fourth floor, and there is no lift...

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