Properties above 300,000 Euros

Properties above 300,000 Euros

Properties Available : 94

City Centre Apartment living up to Expectations

1,300,000 EUR

Ok, this is an apartment with a price tag north of one million euros, so pretty high expectations, what would it have to have? Let’s have a look. Location. When you’re thinking about the most desirable address in the city, Calle Cirilo Amaros or possibly Isabel la Catolica come immediately to mind, and would you believe it, this is a corner property on both of these streets. Just off the bustling shopping and business centre...

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Secret Villa in the City

325,000 EUR

Shhhhh! This one is a secret! The owner wants to sell the house, but doesn't want the neighbours to know they're selling the house! So no photos of the outside of the house. To avoid the hordes of tyre-kickers who would undoubtedly descend on the place. Is it that good? Well actually its not bad. Its effectively a villa/chalet style house in the city. Its located near Orriols park...

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Apartment is a Mosaic of Class and Potential

665,000 EUR

Mosaic. Mosaic. Mosaic. One of those words that kind of loses its meaning if you repeat it. Well this place has been well mosaicked (its a word, look it up), all the floors are patterned in traditional tiles, so there's no mistaking you're in a Valencian flat. That, and the view out the window onto one of the main plazas of the city...

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Luxury Loft Living

400,000 EUR

Probably a glossy magazine title but its a good description for this fantastic apartment in the centre of El Carmen, don’t worry its on the top floor and away from the hustle and bustle, so after a night on the tiles in the Ciutat Vella you’ll have a nice pad to go back, recuperate then hit the town again. This 90m2 consisting of 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, luxurious living space...

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An Age Old Question

420,000 EUR

Stop the press, if you hadn’t already heard (and where have you been?) Valencia is a great place to live, and if you’re looking to stay for more than just a couple of weeks at a time you have probably realised that a 90m2 apartment no matter how pretty is just not going to be enough for longer term living...

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Palace Penthouse on Valencias Golden Mile

750,000 EUR

About the igneous chariot of swift, flaming steeds I crossed with him the shadows of the night, and we cross the deep realms of unmeasured space, through suns and worlds. "-What's this? -My palace” Indeed, makes you think, doesn’t it? Wise words from the Poet Vicente Querol, whose name has since been given to the street that is the ‘Golden Mile’ of Valencia. In the centro historico...

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Spectacular Apartment close to the sea

385,000 EUR

Could this be the flat of your dreams? Right next to the Port in Valencia with views over the riverbed this flat is in excellent condition. Refurbed with exquisite taste you can tell a lot of care has gone into the details. This flat has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, its own terrace, a large kitchen and a space in the private car park. Take a look!

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Modern Duplex Penthouse

500,000 EUR

This excellent property has everything you could possibly need in the quiet suburbs of Valencia, just a 10 minute drive to the centre or 15 minutes ride on one of the many bike lanes, Valencia is flat and perfect for cycling. So set on two levels this great apartment is ideal for a young family, 130m2 of living space with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms...

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Valencia City Townhouse

520,000 EUR

On a leafy lane in a rather fancy suburb of Valencia we find this modern townhouse, set on a corner plot which gives you that extra little bit of backyard space to sunbathe, exercise or have a little intimate gathering, (Max 6 for now) This roomy 270m2 on 4 floors consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Living Room, Laundry, large Kitchen, numerous terraces, private garden, garage space...

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